The word,world & why all start with the W-word! my imagination is based on a boy who is banged by world ,a bozo who had always revived failure inspire of his herculious efforts. Success for him has become suck -*** .........
This book is based on how a normal mortal become superhuman.
No spider-man or any man stuff nor any magical harry potter just the will power changing him into the super human!


5. jack ass!!

Teacher recognised me & asked me reason for not coming. Well that was easy -''sorry! sir was abroad for some operations !! well not easy coz next i was infont of hod and for shure he was't in a ood mood. He was going to conform it from my father. So i myself revealed the truth and got suspended for 4 weeks.

Sitting alone in my dark room i slept, i played and slept and slept and really i was't able to diffenciate much between my dreams and reality, the theme of inception was right!! One day after cheking out my facebook acount i got a  missed call. i called it and found out that it was of some girl named riya asking for me! she said she knew my parents and was there to inform that she was my new neihbour there and want to know about some study tactics from ME. Woow the goat coming to loins den! Within tow days we just chatted and i started hating her but someting is better than noting so,i carried on.but our chats were wery limited not more than 1 hours. After 2 and a half days i got to know that she was a fake not even my neighbour. Again she called me and asked me if i had ever got any massage containing id no. my flshback was superluminal and yes,i got her  that massage  from a lovely stranger girl but her voice.... HER: r u in yet?

me:I hate that question!! stop! making fool of me  & spitting on my face! her:hands up! but please i need that id that's my life. me:i wanna talk to that girl? her;who? me:u know! doll face!

her:wait a bit! passing over!

x:hey big boy! me:shut up! x:sorry dear! me:shut up!

x:Enougf ! please its my life just  like u! precious u know!!

me:ah han! one minute! your id is 287936 x:bye pig! fuck off!! me:oh! holy jeasus i got a mean bich! but thats my id. x:whf? me;8723412. and i cut  the call!

For sure this was't the haapy ending but i was tired of it! But i again got a call to answer............


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