The word,world & why all start with the W-word! my imagination is based on a boy who is banged by world ,a bozo who had always revived failure inspire of his herculious efforts. Success for him has become suck -*** .........
This book is based on how a normal mortal become superhuman.
No spider-man or any man stuff nor any magical harry potter just the will power changing him into the super human!


1. introduction

IF u ask me the most daring task in world ??? no dough getting up early!! The first thing that you do after getting up - opening your  eyes and encounter the cruel world although this phenomena is same as taking birth still there is a difference. a quite huge difference the difference that you are grown up now & you are on the planet full of similar but ''a kind off alien''living in this hyper information era where information rocking at top of your head is a deadliest task. Every single minute counts or i should say every tick-tock counts.so similar to a normal routine i woke up late and rushed  for my collage eating half breakfast or rather say taking a smell of it! being a first year student u hardly care about your studies and for me a guy with a 4digit iq,i must have missed something and this was more than i had imagined. Entering in collage opposite to other student i smelt freedom freedom for which i was born , i was made for. Resason being my parents they where strict in my school days. i was rotten egg, dull one just becouse of pressuse of stupid army school teachers and parents. no matter how hard i tried, i was always the odd one out,the last one picked, . I was a black sheep of my class, the evil one because of my foul mouth not sparing even my teachers studies where hell apart.....and was this my destiny no so in collage i was going to rock my life with new gift of freedom!! booh yea! FREEDOM. I continuously bunked classes,wnt malls, sopping , bike racing, everything a  teenager would dream off!! I never had any money problem because u know parents may be strict but they are super kind that's their nature!! and i was fully enjoying that! at about the middle of my semesters i almost become a drug addict. I used to  keep those ugly long hair stye ,bearing old type blacel,ear rings huff! even when i was in dream land i used to check my results not because of my interests but because of my signature needed on them!!

i could clearly see my decline!! "Truth is closer to us but illusion casts spell,creating obstructions"

life was going pretty awsome unless  a wrong connection came to existance......

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