The word,world & why all start with the W-word! my imagination is based on a boy who is banged by world ,a bozo who had always revived failure inspire of his herculious efforts. Success for him has become suck -*** .........
This book is based on how a normal mortal become superhuman.
No spider-man or any man stuff nor any magical harry potter just the will power changing him into the super human!



I took a flowerpot and headed towards the sound..in stealth mode,carefully i reached the room! i could feel someone singing or mumbling. Ghost of something ,i forgot that i was late for  everything and i just forgot to receive her!!. I was afraid but i didn't had enough time to call anyone. I headed .  I cant believe i was so creative becoz i even imagined of a dinosaur .! I reached the door insert the door tried to open it softly but it was locked.so I silently took out my keys! and with a boom i opened the door !!

Omg! i found a angle right in front of me! beautiful eyes! hair in air! and it was more amazing than taking drug. I felt like time stopped for me,everything was in slow motion.we were staring at each other for some moment.A girl in half towel! i said to myself never wake  me up god if i am in dream!! but then i noticed her eyebrows up and then she started shouting and thew her hair dryer om my head and bleeding started.But i was standing and staring her like anything! She ran  yelling at full of her pitch! i ran after her  her and Certainly locked the door and asked her what she was doing in my room.she again ran and this time she threw whatever came in her hand.now this was intolerable i too started throwing whatever came in my hand. There was a total war going on a non mercyful war,i realized that when a knife just thrased the pillow across me and i put my hands up . She and me both got little but injuries she hit on my big point and said that room belongs to her and headed towards the door with her keys to open it,but failed !! She watched carefully the and could clearly see the difference between 106 and 100.As her room no was 106 the upper line was half rubbed and it appeared 100! . She took the lamp,in her hand and forced me to open the door.As i went to open it i got messed up in the wire of lamp and feel upon her. Now this was a !oh yea! a girl only in towel half open wooh situation i felt like old movies situation but cant resist more and headed to kiss her as she did but i don't know what happened to me i stood up and she went in room to wear her cloths and to take out her luggage. After total recall i called my gf and could clearly hear the ring....................................  

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