♥Love Like There is no Tomorrow♥

Over the past few weeks Anna Veen has been pretty shocked with the results she's getting from Zayn Malik over Twitter.com! To think that Anna kissed the boy of her dreams after sending a book to England, Bradford, then getting a Tweet, Follow AND DM! But what will she do when Harry Styles begins to have feeling's for Anna when she is dating Mr.Malik? Keep reading to find out ♥


1. Dear Diary, Just One Move♥

Dear Diary,

I was on my laptop before bed and I went onto Twitter. I noticed I had a Notification :D                               So I clicked the button 'connect' to see what it was. OMG I couldn't believe it! I had gotten a Tweet from Zayn Malik! Also, he followed me!! I was shocked, speechless even. The tweet read "@zaynmalik: Thanks for making that scrap book for me @anna_veen1d. It is beautiful!" Oh, I forgot to mention. I had sent him a scrap book with my story of how I became a Directioner. It's called 'Love Like There is no Tomorrow'. I know, quite a crappy name but I like it! So does Zayn♥

I tweeted back to him "@anna_veen1d: Naww, no worries Zayn! I wouldn't have been able to make it without the inspiration I got from you." After about an hour I got a message from Zayn, I was able to IM him back since he is following me now. So I clicked 'Direct Messaging' and opened up Zayn's chat. I swear I almost fainted! It read "Hey Anna, I was wondering if you wanted my number? Maybe we could talk some time. Get you some VIP tickets ;)" So I basically ran down stairs and grabbed my phone..I don't know my number off by heart..I thought I would do an exchange for numbers! I replied to him saying "Omg, I can't believe this! Sure! Lets do an exchange for numbers. 04******** :)" I couldn't wait to get Zayn's number! Maybe, just maybe. I would be the first Directioner to get Zayn Malik's number!


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