♥Love Like There is no Tomorrow♥

Over the past few weeks Anna Veen has been pretty shocked with the results she's getting from Zayn Malik over Twitter.com! To think that Anna kissed the boy of her dreams after sending a book to England, Bradford, then getting a Tweet, Follow AND DM! But what will she do when Harry Styles begins to have feeling's for Anna when she is dating Mr.Malik? Keep reading to find out ♥


2. Dear Diary, Big News! ♥


Dear Diary,       I had gone to sleep last night after checking Twitter. I actually had NO DM's from Zayn! I wasn't sure why? Anyways, now for the best part!! I went down for dinner and forgot my phone in my purse...in my room. I had heard it go off, everyone in the house basically told me it was ringing by singing "Taken" by One Direction. They were pretty helpful :)   So I excused myself from the table, like always. I never not have something to do whilst eating. But I missed my food while I was gone. Let's just say I had the appetite of Niall! ♥ So I grabbed my phone out of my purse and saw that I had 3 messages from Zayn! He musn't like me THAT much...   "From: Dj Malik, Hey babe! How are things going? I want to see you ♥"   "From: Dj Malik, Call me ASAP!! We need to talk! :D"   "From: Dj Malik, ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNA! ANSWER MEEEE!"   So without further hesatation I called him, our convo went like this:   "Anna finally you called me!! I missed your voice ♥"   "Zayn, you have never heard my voice before! Stalker!"   "Oh really?"   "You are a stalker! Zayn, how could you..I'm dissapointed in you..."   "I'm joking :D"   "I know Zayn, I was being sarcastic!"   "Arrg! I wish I could strangle you right now :)"   "Anyways, why did you want to me to call you?"   "Well I called to tell you that I have 1 VIP Ticket for out next concert, so I asked the boys if I could invite a girl. They said I could so, here I am asking you ♥"   "Are you sure you want me there? I mean we have NEVER MET!!"   "Yeah sure but you are a Directioner right?"   "Definitely!!"   "Okay, I'll give them to you when you get there ♥"   So that's what our convo ended up like..awesome right?!! After a bit, I got a text from Zayn. My eyes widened and my jaw dropped, why did you do that Zayn..why? I curled up into a ball and started crying. Falling asleep whilst crying. I wouldn't let myself cry awake.  
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