Gotta be you!

Lauren is just your average 16 year old. Summer Holidays are here and she is going to the 1D concert. After the concert Lauren and her friend Lisa sit outside the arena way after everyone has left when TROUBLE strikes them. Does 1D see them or do they leave them? Read the story to find out.


3. Trouble.

Lauren's P.O.V

"OMG They were AMAZAYN!" Lisa said.

"Haha I know."


Hello hunny can you please get a taxi home because i'm really busy. thanks xx.

"Can't you believe that Lisa my mum wants us to get a taxi at 10.00 at NIGHT!"

Me and Lisa groaned. We sat down on some rocks outside the arens and waited for a taxi to come by. It was dark with only a little bit of light comming from the arena.

"Its freaky this time of night." Said Lisa

We heard some footsteps. I started to get scared.

"Lisa do you hear that?" I whispered.

"Yes! Lauren whats going to happen?"

Before I could say anything this guy had a hood on and I could just see a knife in his pocket. I could feel Lisa shaking I was too. The guy grabbed his knife and I called for help. He grabbed me and pushed me on the ground. Lisa ran into the arena to get help while I was trying to gt away. I t hought I lost the guy but when I started walking he pushed me on some rocks. I hit my ankle hard on the rock and I couldnt walk. The guy came to finish me off and he stabbed me in the stomach with his knife and he ran away. I was starting to blackout when I saw Lisa with these five boys and then I just blacked out.

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