Gotta be you!

Lauren is just your average 16 year old. Summer Holidays are here and she is going to the 1D concert. After the concert Lauren and her friend Lisa sit outside the arena way after everyone has left when TROUBLE strikes them. Does 1D see them or do they leave them? Read the story to find out.


4. Is she going to be alright?

Harry's P.O.V

Me and the boys were having a meeting when we heard this girl yelling for help. I was the first to hear sp I got up and started to run. I wonder what had happend. I saw the girl calling for help and started to sprint.

"What's wrong?" I asked

"There's this guy out there with a knife. My friend Lauren is out there and she couldnt get away! I need help I hope she isnt hurt."

I called the boys and they came running to me aswell. They asked whats wrong and the girl told them. We ran outside the arena and saw this girl bleeding on the ground. We all ran up to her.

"OMG She has lost alot of blood." Said the girl.

She started to cry so did all of us. I took a look at her.

"I know this girl. She was the one at the beach."

I felt tears comming down my face. A ambulance pulled up and took her on a stretcher.

"She has lost alot of blood and had probably broken her ankle." I heard on of the doctors say.

"Ok who is comming with her? Only two people are aloud."

I put my hand up and so did the girl. We hopped in the ambulance with Lauren and drove off.

"Hi i'm Harry and you are?"

"I'm Lisa."

I tryed to smile but started to cry instead.

"How do you know Lauren?" asked Lisa

"Oh I saw her at the beach one time and we talked a bit but she never knew I was Harry from 1D!"

"Wait you are the Harry form 1D?"

"Yeah I thought you knew!" 

"Nope I was to busy crying and I couldn't really see a thing."

 "Oh right!"

"I love you guys so much."

I started to laugh.

"Please not now. Lauren is like pretty much dying and she needs to be alive!"

Lisa looked at Lauren.

"Oh yeah sorry."

The ambulance arrived at the hospital and they rushed Lauren to thearter. I tryed to follow them but the nurse pointed me to the waiting room.


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