Gotta be you!

Lauren is just your average 16 year old. Summer Holidays are here and she is going to the 1D concert. After the concert Lauren and her friend Lisa sit outside the arena way after everyone has left when TROUBLE strikes them. Does 1D see them or do they leave them? Read the story to find out.


2. Concert Time

Lauren's P..O.V

Finally. The concert is TONIGHT and I need to get ready. Lisa came to my house at 4.00 and the concert started at 6.00. We got dressed and did our hair. It was now 5.00 and we got in the car to head to the arena.

"Lauren I lost the tickets." said mum.

I grabbed my mum's bag and searched through throwing things everywhere. I couldn't find it.

"Jokes Lauren I have them right here."

I ignored my mum everytime she tried to talk to me. When we got to the arena I got the tickets and headed to the security check.

"Tickets please." Said the security guard.

We handed her the tickets and she let us in. We could hardly move because everyone was trying to get in the actuall arena. Me and Lisa were in the mushpit and in the second row. We stood there waiting for the concert to start. I heard the tune to Na Na Na and started to scream. I looked onstage and saw five boys enter the stage. Me and Lisa were dancing together with the music. I looked at Harry and he was looking at us. I smiled and waved he did the same.


Harry's P.O.V

I cant believe that the girl I saw at the beach was here in the concert. Louis looked at her and looked back and pointed. I smiled and nodded. It was time for the tweets and I read this one that said

"You guys are amazing I would never do anything to hurt you but do you get any holidays?"

We all looked at the seats and it was The girls friend's tweet. They both looked at each other and almost screamed. We all answered with the answer sometimes and we asked her the same question. she nodded and we finished off the tweets. When we were singing WMYB This random girl ran onstage and stole Louis's Microphone.


Security came and took her offstage. We just had to continue with the concert and soon it finished.

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