A strange way to love

Karla Rendove is a 17 year old trying to break free of her horrible step-fathers grip, but when he goes phsyco and almost kills her, where will Karla go? Will she go anywhere? Or will she be forever burdened with her step fathers power? To find out, read!


1. Stepfather

Karlas POV
I woke up in a... Ditch... I think... Scratches down my arms, bruises all over my body and a damp but dry wound on my leg. I tried to get up but collapsed.

"KARLA WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU!!!" Sh!t, my stepfather was after me. I mustered all my strength, got up, and ran away from his rough voice. It was definitely around 4 in the morning, and he must've been searching all night. My mother had divorced my step father but for some reason he had custody of me and he treated me horribly, as his servant, slave, maid, chef, and knife sharpener. Literally. I ran as fast as I could, but I was sure he was following me. Suddenly my injured leg gave in; I fell down with a cry of pain in an alley. I realized I had just ran past a safe pub ( much safer then my stepfather anyway) and cornered myself. I screamed for help as he approached me with a blood encrusted knife. My wandering mind realized that was how my leg got like this; bloody and infected. I saw his cruel snarl turn into an evil grin as he stabbed the blade into my stomach, dropped the blade, and walk away smugly. The pain.. The pain was unbearable. I closed my eyes, thinking This is it, the end. When I opened them, I saw 3 concerned faces as they lifted me up and carried me somewhere warm. 2 faces joined them, and I blanked out.

~•Five Days Later•~

Karlas POV
I woke up in a white room. A hospital. By the looks of the light in the room, it was nighttime, and there were 4- no 5 boys huddled together on the over night bed asleep, next to me. They looked my age. Wait... How old was I? Who.. Who was I? 
I panicked. 

"NURSE NURSE??" I cried. One of the boys on the bed woke up. 

I screamed. The boy hurriedly got up and rushed over to me. He had a scared/concerned look on his face, his mass of green curls bouncing around his head and occasionally getting in the way of his green eyes. 

"Are you ok?I'll get the nurse!" he said, and pressed a red button above my head. 

"Who the hell am I?" I asked rushed. He shrugged. Suddenly a wave of crazy memories crashed on me. I scrunched up my eyes.

"Nevermind.." I said. Just then a nurse and a doctor ran in.

"Ahh, you're awake!" the doctor beamed, pressing his stethoscope against my chest. 

"You see, you've been in a medically induced coma for a scholar week, and your injuries have healed. In case you've forgotten, your stepfather chased you, stabbed you once in the leg and once in the stomach. You would be long gone by now if these boys hadn't found you and your stepfather. He has been sent to jail." He explained. All I could do was nod.

"Your leg, arms and bruises have almost completely healed, but the stomach wound is still healing. Luckily, he had bad aim, and didn't puncture anything important. You are free to go tommorrow morning, and as long as you take your medication everyday you shouldn't be very uncomfortable." Again, I nodded. They gave me pain killer, and left. The curly haired boy was still standing there. 

"So.. Who are you?"
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