A strange way to love

Karla Rendove is a 17 year old trying to break free of her horrible step-fathers grip, but when he goes phsyco and almost kills her, where will Karla go? Will she go anywhere? Or will she be forever burdened with her step fathers power? To find out, read!


4. New home

We ate for a little longer and the boys decided it was time to leave. I trailed along behind realizing they didn't know I was going with them.

"Um.. Why are you here?" Louis asked pointedly. I shrugged.

"Well I have no where to stay, and Harry said I could stay with you" I explained, more like a question. He shrugged and smiled. I smiled back. We got into the car and drove away.

When they opened the door a smug smile grew on my face. They were really messy. I stepped in and immediately started cleaning up. I picked up numerous shirts, sweat pants and Jumpers and chucked them in the wading machine. It looked like it hadn't been used. No suprises there. I went back with a vacuum and duster. I plugged it in and started cleaning. It didn't take long, ink a minute to Do both. I smiled at what I had completed and turned around to see 5 boys gaping at me.

"What?" I asked. They just gaped.

"W-we don't clean" said Liam at last. I nodded and walked into the kitchen. I shoved open the fridge and got out food.

"Out of date, out of date.." I muttered. Finally I found something and shoved it in my mouth.

"Uh-em.." I heard a girls voice. I gulped my mouthful and spun around.

"Uh.. Hi. Who are you?" I asked a blonde bimbo with gigantic breasts. She sneered.

"I'm Harry's girlfriend, Penelope Fairbrook. And you?" she asked with rich distaste.

"Karla." I answered. She raised an eyebrow.

"My stepfather stabbed me twice and I had nowhere to go." I added. She turned around and stalked off. I yawned and crashed on the couch. Toy Story was on TV so I watched it. I enjoyed Disney.
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