A strange way to love

Karla Rendove is a 17 year old trying to break free of her horrible step-fathers grip, but when he goes phsyco and almost kills her, where will Karla go? Will she go anywhere? Or will she be forever burdened with her step fathers power? To find out, read!


2. Is that really ok?

"So... Who are you?" I asked the curly haired boy.

"Me? Oh.. I'm Harry, Harry styles, and these are my friends.. Ever heard of one direction?" he asked me. I was a bit confused.

"Yeah.. Why?" I asked cautiously.

"We are One Direction."


"Anyway.. This is Zayn," he said pointing to the tanned black haired one, with his head slumped and drooling. I stifled a giggle, it was hilarious. ".. This is Liam," pointing to a brown haired one, muttering in his sleep about Disney or something, "..This is Louis," pointing to another brown haired one, who was also drooling, ".. And this is Niall." he finished, pointing to the blonde one, who was hugging his knees tightly. I laughed at then all; what a picture. I sat up, surprisingly not in to much pain.

"Uh.. I don't have a place to stay.." I realized. He looked at me, suprised.

"Well you can stay with us?"

"Well you can stay with us?" I offered. This poor girl had no where to stay, what else am I supposed to say? Anyway.. She was really pretty. Her red hair flowed over her shoulders, and her light grey eyes... They were amazing. Wow, what was I thinking? I waited for her reply.

"Yeah! Sure." she grinned.
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