A strange way to love

Karla Rendove is a 17 year old trying to break free of her horrible step-fathers grip, but when he goes phsyco and almost kills her, where will Karla go? Will she go anywhere? Or will she be forever burdened with her step fathers power? To find out, read!


3. Breakfast!

After talking with Harry we both settled back down to sleep for the rest of the night. I woke up in the morning, the boys still asleep. I couldn't feel any pain, so I decided to look at my scar. It was purply red and though healed, a bit damp and dark. I pulled down my top and cautiously got off the bed. I was going ok, but suddenly my injured leg gave way and I fell. I was caught by a pair of strong, masculine arms. I looked around to see my savior. It was the blonde boy, Niall. I was quite taken aback by his amazing looks. I mean asleep he looked cute and all, but now his blue eyes sparkled as he smiled cheekily at me, and sunlight beamed through his blonde hair, showing the brown roots. I was practically breathless.

"Woah, you ok there?" he asked in his cute Irish accent, putting me back on the bed. I nodded. He smiled, and sat next to me. He held out his hand.

"I'm Niall! And you?" he exclaimed sillily. I giggled,

"I'm Karla. With a K." I answered.

"Oh-Kay, Karla-With-A-K, you know us all?" He asked cheekily. I nodded, smiling at his sense of humor. He went out, singing something about Breakfast. I gently poked each of the sleeping boys with my foot , then screamed "GOAT". They all woke up with a start, and I laughed. That technique worked every time. First Harry stood up, stretched, hugged me, and went to get some food. Then Zayn, the one that was drooling, yawned and got up. I giggled. He looked at me like 'what?' and I indicated to the drool that was running down his  chin. He wiped it and went red, realizing he had drooled, then smiled at me.

"Hello, beautiful! Wassup?" he grinned, and I blushed. 

"Nothing. Might need crutches, that's all." Zayn nodded. He handed me the crutches in the corner and sat down, deeply emersed in something on his phone. Next up was Liam, he quickly said hi and rushed out to get food. Then Louis sat up. He moaned something like Parrots, but then moaned

"Carrot cake" until he looked over at me and yelped "It's alive!" I smiled at him. 

"wassup? You any better?" he asked,

"Well my scratches and bruises are but I'll need crutches for a while and my stomach one is the worst." I said. He nodded and Zayn him and I walked out to find the others ( me using crutches obviously). They were at the cafeteria scoffing pancakes and Niall was eating the most, definitely. I got a plate and sat down, helping myself and stealing one of Nialls because he had way to many. They all stared at me, Niall giving me the evil eye. Harry joked "Girls got nerve!" and we all chuckled. I cut the pancake in half and gave one half to Niall. He looked pleased now. We began eating once more, me forgetting to tell them my plans.
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