One In A Million

Darian has been dreaming about going to the One Direction concert for a whole year now. Will she have an opportunity to go to the concert or will she have to sit at home while her best friend goes without her?


3. Unexpected Surprise

When we got to the vip room we were told we waited ten minutes. Then a lady with dark brown hair came in and told us to follow her to meet the boys. We followed her through a long hallway and threw another door. Then we saw them! Sitting in front of us was Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis! We were going to meet One Direction! My heart was beating so fast cause i was so nervous. The all motioned us to come over so we did. We saw Louis first, he had his hair like he nomally has it with a green addidas shirt on which they all were wearing. Louis signed our shirts and we said thank you and he gave us a hug. Next, we went to Zayn, he had his hair black like usual. He signed our shirts and we said thanks and gave a hug. He gave tesla a kiss on the cheek. Next we went to Harry. When we walked over to him, he started standing up and came around the table to greet us. Tesla has a crush on harry so she is probably dying inside. Harry gave me a hug and signed my shirt. He smelled really good with expensive collone. When he went over to tesla, he wispered in her ear and gave her a peice of paper. She started blushing. He kissed her on the lips and signed her shirt. She was so happy thy i could see it in her eyes. So we went to liam. I have a huge crush on liam. He is wearibg a black batman shirt and his hair is short now.He signed my shirt so i asked him for a kiss on the heek which he gave me. Then we talked while he proceeded with Tesla. I knew nothing more would happen since he is dating danielle but i still was happy to get the kiss. Last we went to Niall, he cam around the table like harry, i was like not again with Tesla! He webnt over to Tesla gave her a hug and signed her shirt. Then he came over to me, he looked so cute with his blonde hair and blue eyes that could make anyone melt. He signed my shirt, but then he kissed me! A long hard kiss thatvseemed like it took forever it was so unexpected! He was a great kisser, i didnt want it to end. I could hear the boys whistleing behind us. After he pulled away he looked at me then game me his number and i gave hi mine and my twitter. After that the lady came back. We looked sad, but then she said.why dont you two just han out with them until the concert starts! We were so happy that we were speechless! There were not words to tell how happy we were! Liam went to go see Danielle. louis went to go eww eleanor. The Zayn webt to go see Perrie. Harry and niall Stayed. "So girls what would you like to do?" "i dont know wht is there to do?" "well i think first ouvshould tell us you beautiful names!" "Im Darian." i said. "My names Tesla" she replied. "well hello Darian and Tesla" they both said in their beautiful accents. "how bout we get to know each other?" they asked. "yes we both replied lets do that". Harry motioned for Tesla to follow him. Then, Niall took my hand and took me to his private room backstage. We talked for about an hour about each other. He told me to call him anytime. Then he started kissing me again which we made out for a couple of minutes until managent walked in and said its time to take your seat and for niall to get ready to go onstage. So he kissed me and i left ti go find Tesla and our seats. I found he coming the same way as me and harry webt the other way with Niall. Today is the bwst day of our lives. Me and Tesla found our seats in thefront room by the stage. We sat for about ten minutes until it was time fir the concert to start!
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