One In A Million

Darian has been dreaming about going to the One Direction concert for a whole year now. Will she have an opportunity to go to the concert or will she have to sit at home while her best friend goes without her?


5. The perfect dress

When i saw his user name i immediatly clicked accept. Then i saw his beautiful face sitting beside Harry. "where is Tesla, love?" Harry asked. "she went home." i told him. "darn, i really miss her!" he replied. "text her" i told him. "okay, but i wanted to see her lovely face" he said. Then, Harry finally left so that i could talk to Niall alone. Niall asked me how the rest of my day went so i told him everything. Then he asked me if i missed him so i told him more thab you can imagine. "I love you" he finally told me for the first time. "I love you, too" which i really did. Forgive me for only knowing him for three days but it is like we have know each other forever. I asked him about his flight and when he is coming back to america. He told me he can come visit in two weeks on his break! I was so excited. I have to start school in three weeks so that gives me a week to spend time with him. I am not ready to start school, but it is my senior year. I just wanted this year to be over and fast! We talked for about another two hours before he had to go. It was about two in the morning here and seven in the morning in london. He promised to fly me to london some time soon and then to mullingar ireland to meet his parents. I am kind of nervous. Will hos mother father or brother like me? And i totally forgot that he will want to meet my family next time he comes to visit. Im sure my mom will love him, but what about my dad? My dad is always busy and is never home so i dont know much about him so who knows. Im sure my sister will like him. She likes everyone. She is not very hard to please. She is never picky which you can tell from her last boyfriend. He was a total slob and ugly and he was a jerk to everyone he was around. One time when i went to his house with her he went around his house telling everyone i was single, even his dad. It was so embarrasing cause his little brothers kept giving me kissy faces. Eww they are both five and seven. But now im the one with the boyfriend he is perfect and he even likes to eat alot like me. We even both stay slim. Its very weird from all the stuff i eatbi should be 400 pounds.

*two weeks later* tomorrow Nialler is coming to visit me for a week! Im so excited i havent seen him in two weeks which seems like forever. I told my mom i have a date coming over for dinner tomorrow and she agreed to cook a fancy dinner and everyone has to dress up. That means me and my sister get to go shopping with my moms credit card. I drove us to the local mall where we found a formal dress store. Their were so many to choose from it was a hard choice. I finally decided on a pink dress that was short and a little poofy around the skirt area. It was beautiful and strapless with sparkles. I found it in my size and went kff to help my sister. Well i asked her? She found a blue dress with rinstones on the front and it was knee length and strait. She is a little bigger than me but it looked perfect on her woth her gorgous blonde hair. We both decided on some high heel silver shoes. They were adorable. We checked out an the bill came out to be $700.00. We decided not to tell my mom the price or she would have flipped. We got home put our clothes away and gave my mother her credit card and then off we went to bed.
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