One In A Million

Darian has been dreaming about going to the One Direction concert for a whole year now. Will she have an opportunity to go to the concert or will she have to sit at home while her best friend goes without her?


12. The Party

Today is my little sister Fallyns birthday party. She is so excited. She has her blonde hair curled and she is wearing a beautiful pink dress. I decided to curl my hair and put on some make up. I decided on wearing a white knee length dress. The party is only an hour away but Tesla and Harry have already arrived. They came and helped set up.

It seemed perfect timing when all the guests starting pulling in our driveway. I had the rest Of One direction come a little late to make an entrance. Harry and Niall is hiding up stairs waiting for them. I guess Niall asked fallyn if she wanted to invited any special guests to her party cause when i turned arround i saw Demi Levato. Then Josh Hutcherson pulled in with Justin Bieber. I could see by the look on my sisters face that she was surprised they came. She even started dancing around. After she was done dancing i took her over to greet all of her guests. There were people everywhere. In every single corner of the house. First we went and talked to Demi Levato. She brought along her little sister so we greeted her to. They were both really nice. But i kind of knew that she was Nialls celebrity crush. That upset me but i tried my best not to show it. Next, wew went over and saw Josh Hutcherson. He was even cuter in person than he is on tv! I tried to shake his hand but instead he pulled me and Fallyn into a hug and told Fallyn Happy Birthday. I was so taken by surprise and sowas she so we were speechless. We finished chatting then i took her to meet her celebrity crush of all time. Justin Bieber. When we went over she asked for a hug which he gave her and then he pulled me in for a hug. What is up with there celebrities and hugging!? I was wondering. He even gave Fallyn a kiss on the cheek which made her blush. I let herbkeep talking to him while I greeted more guests. I reached my friends Shayna Vanhemme, Katie Jones, Ashley Iams, and Tesla. They all said hey and we talked for anlittle bit and then Tesla, her big mouth shouted that i was going out with Niall Horan! They didnt beleive me at first and then they saw the other celebrities here. After talking them i met some of my sister friends named Abby Jolene, Caroline Summers, Natalie Barns, Baylie Noble, and the twins Addison and Aiden Samuels. After i talked to them i started walking into the house to find Niall but someone ran into me. He was short, had brown hair and had pimples on their face. Oh my gosh its Fallyns ex boyfriend, the one no ine can stand, Ty Lemon. "What are you doin here?" i asked him. "i was looking for you" he replied. "go home ty" i told him. "i came for you i want you i have always wanted you never your sister." he said. "Go home before i call the cops!" i yelled. Then he tried to kiss me. I ran inside before he could grab me. "Niall!" i screamed "Were ready for you boys". "be down in five minutes". "okay come strait outside to the stage around back." i told him "k". At that i was outside walking towards the crowd. I got onstage and got everyones attention. They looked up at me and and i told them we have a special guest preforming soon. They all looked puzzled. About five minutes later One Direction was on the stage ready to preform. They even brought Josh Devine along and the rest of the band to play the drums and stuff. Then they sang their new hit single "Live While Were Young". After that the crowd went wild and they sang some other songs. Then they got finished with their skngs and motioned Justin Bieber to come on stage and me. We both went up and they told us what they planned to do. They planned to sing Justin Biebers new song "Fall."

After that song Justin Bieber got off stage and they had me call up some people to the stage. I called up Fallyn, Tesla, Shayna, and Katie. We got to dance with them to te next song. I danced with Niall of course, Tesla with Harry, fallyn with Liam, Katie with Zayn, and shayna with Louis. After that song everyone left but me and Fallyn on the stage. I called Eleanor Calder, Perrie Edwards, and Danielle Peazer. We all danced with our boyfriends and Fallyn danced with Harry since its her birthday and Tesla understood. After that it was midnight and the party was over everyone left. I invited all the girlfriends and the boys over gor dinner tomorrow. The rest of my family is going to the mountains socit will just be me and Niall home to ourselves.
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