One In A Million

Darian has been dreaming about going to the One Direction concert for a whole year now. Will she have an opportunity to go to the concert or will she have to sit at home while her best friend goes without her?


4. The Concert

When the concert finally started singing they started with "What Makes You Beautiful" whih the while time Niall pointed at me smiling. Then Harry was doing the same to Tesla. After that i focused all my attention to niall. They sang all of their other sings in their album and then "torn" the while time it felt like no one else was here and that it was just me and niall. They finished with "I Want" witch everytime it got to I want i want i want but thats crazy i want i wabt but thats not me i want i want i want to be loved by you, you could hear niall change you to my name. Tesla just kept smiling at Harry bot paying attention. After a while of that song Niall pulled me up onstage. I was terrified. But i remembered he was with me so i felt fine. Their voices are like angels. Harry pulled Tesla on stage. She was mortified there were millions if people there. After that we went back to our seats when a girl asked me if i know them. I told her ijust met them today so she told me it looked like wevhave known each other forever and that he looked at me likehe was in love. She told me i might wanna be careful because of death treats which is sonething i never really thought about. After one more song the concert was over. Tesla and i didnt knowbweather to leave or to stay. We just waited for everyone else to leave. All of the boys were except for Harry and Niall. They stayed to cone get us they said. They helped us onstage and took us to their own dressing rooms. Thats when niall asked me to stay rhe night at their hotel. I giuess harry asked Tesla the same thing and said i told my mom im staying at ur house but om staying here i told ervthe same and ok. He took me back to his hotel room. It was hige with a king sized bed. There was even a walk in closet and jacuzzie in his bathroom. I was tired and so was he so he gve me some of his clothes to put on and we got into bed. It was about 10:30 and he kissed me goodnight and we cuddled all night. In the morning he was gone. I snelled bacon so i walked to the kitchen. He was there cooking bacon. It felt like one big dream. But this was no dream it was a dream come true. I felt like i was in love. I think he felt it too because of all the passion in each kiss. He saw me so he kissed me and asked me if i was hungry soci said yea. He gave me a plate of bacon with an egg amd the same for himself and we sat down at the table. The food was good so i finished the whole plate. He was done long before me. I asked him if i could get a shower and he said yeah so i did. After that i got dressed again and found Niall asleep on the bed. I went to watch some tv and check my phone. I had three missed calls one from my sister and the other two from Tesla and my mom. I called them back and they asked where i was i told them at Teslas. Then i called Tesla back and she asked me oif i was still with Niall and i said yes. She asked me when we are leaviig and i said idk. While i was on the phone niall came out and asked me if everything is okay which i said yes. Then i asked him when they have to leave? He said tomorrow. I was upset but i knew it was coming. He wants me to stay again tonight so i agreed and told Tesla. Shes staying again too na we told our parebts we were staying at eachothers houses. The rest of the day me and Niall webt shopping and did almost everything. Later that nightbwe went to the movies to see a movie. After that we went back to the house to watch more movies and eat some dinner and popcorn. The popcorn tasted like cinnamon rolls. It was delicious. At about 11 we went tobed which he kissed me goodnight and we cuddled again. The nxt morning. i knew he had to leave today. I am upset and im not ready to leave him. He woke up and kissed me which i will miss. He gave me his green addidas shirt to remind me of him when he is on tour. He promissed to come back on break so i gave him my address and phone number. When it was time to go we got in my car and i took him to his plane he had tears in his eyes and so did I. He kissed me for a long time and neither of us wanted it to end. Then he hadbto board the plane With the other members. He waved and then i walked out with Tesla and the other girlfriends which made me wonder if me and niall are official. I drove tesla home and then went home myself. Everyone at home kept asking me questions about it and if i met the boys which i told them i did. I didnt tell them everything though. I often tell my little sister everything but i decided not to this time. She is only a year younger than me and she was blonde hair and she is taller than me. Later that night i got a video chat request on skype. It was Niall!
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