One In A Million

Darian has been dreaming about going to the One Direction concert for a whole year now. Will she have an opportunity to go to the concert or will she have to sit at home while her best friend goes without her?


15. Tesla Leaves Harry for Zayn

Teslas P.O.V.

Today I was feeling distant and for a while i have been thinking about breaking up wuth harry. Recently Zayn broke up with Perrie so him and i have been having a thing. I think im pregnant with his baby. I took a test yesterday and it can back positive. I only told Zayn & Darian. I think she told Niall cause he wont even talk or look at me!

I dumped harry and now he is pissed. I went to Zayns and he got a little grabby which led to more. He went to london so she says. Thats her way of saying he got it in my hole. Teslas hole is Zayns goal so Niall says.

The baby is due in abouta month now & its alittl boy named Ryder i cant wait for the diklivery he is gonna be such a little diva. Darian thinks he is going to tyurn gay. Well its goodbye fr now im goin to bed.
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