One In A Million

Darian has been dreaming about going to the One Direction concert for a whole year now. Will she have an opportunity to go to the concert or will she have to sit at home while her best friend goes without her?


10. Party Planning

On thursday the rest of One Direction will be flying out to come and perform at my sisters party. We reserved them a hotel that is only a few blocks from my house. I think they are bring their girlfriends too because they asked for seperate rooms. I would really like to neet Danielle, Perrie, and Eleanor. I am a fan of Perries band little mix. I love their song "Wings".

Me and niall ordered everything we needed for the party and called everyone along with Fallyn. All of my friends said they can make it. I think that if everyone comes there will be more than 100 people. Good thing my parents own 20 acres. We set up a stage in the back yard for the boys to preform on. I called the local backery about the cake and they said they could make us anythink so we requested a 1D cake with all of the boys carved from modeling chocolate on it like my sister asked. It will be done thursday for us to pick up. There are only 2 days left till thursday and the party is friday.

Niall and i got ready for bed after 1:30am when we were done orderin and planning. Then we fell asleep. Everything comes thursday a day early from the party.

The Next morning. I called Harry to see when he is coming to see Tesla. he is actually boardin the plane right now. That was a surprise so i cant tell Tesla and he wants me to pick him up at the airport and take him to Her house. I agreed and he called me when his plane landed. I picked him up and took him to Teslas. He knocked on the door. When she answered she looked puzzled and then surprised. I left leaving them some time alone.

After a long day i went to bed. When i woke up thursday i had three missed calls and four text messages. The first call was from Harry. The second was from the bakery. I called the bakery and they told me i can pick p the cake so i sent niall to go get it. The third missed call was from zayn. Then i looked at my text msgs. From Harry: just called to say thank you for picking me up from the airport! :) xx. From Liam: were boarding the airplane now should be landing at 5. :) xx see you then. From Louis: cant wait to see you again when you pick us up:) xx. From Zayn: Why didnt you answer my call we are landing in two hours. :) xx. I didnt reply since they are on the plane butbi set an alarm fir fuve to pick them up.

At around 4 niall came back with the cake. It was perfect their faces were carved perfectly and thy even carved my sister. I put the cake in the fridge down stairs so my sister couldnt see it. I know she will try to peak. Then i left to go pick up the boys. When i arrived at the airport i found them waiting there with their luggage. They even brought along Perrie, Danielle, and Eleanor so i went over and introduced myself. "Darian?" they asked. "thats me" i replied. They all hugged me then i took them to my car and drove them to their hotel. After i dropped them off i went home and showered and went to bed.
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