One In A Million

Darian has been dreaming about going to the One Direction concert for a whole year now. Will she have an opportunity to go to the concert or will she have to sit at home while her best friend goes without her?


7. Dinner Time

I woke up late today at around 12:30pm. I had to hurry up and shower and then do my makeup and fix my hair. It took me about an hour to do that which was perfect since thats when Niall called me and said that his flight just landed. I got in my car wearing just a navy blue hollister crop top and white hollister shorts with white sandals. I got to the airport anout ten minutes later and there her was. Niall Horan was standing there waitin for me. Out of everyone in the world why did he pick me? I have always wandered. Im not perfect. As soon as he saw me he immediatley ran to me and game me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek! We grabbed his bags and we started towards my house. He is going to stay at my house all week but i forgot to mention that to my parents. We areived at my house ten minutes later and i had him wait in the car while i talk to my mom. I knocked on the door and my mom answered. "wheres this new boyfriend you have been telling us about?" she asked. "in the car" i replied. She tried to peek arouj the corner to take a peek of him but i guess she couldnt see him cause she looked disapointed. "is it alright if he stays the week with us?" i asked. "he isnt from around here." "sure he can sleep in the spare bedroom upstairs" she replied. I told her thankyou and i told her to go inside and bring everyone in the living room to meet him now! So she ran inside and i could hear her yelling to everyone to go to thw living room now. I went to the car to get Niall out and i helped him with his lugage. We took it upstairs withoutbpassing anyone so we didnt spoil the surprise. Then i took him downstairs to the living room and everyones eyes got big! "hey ive seen him before" my dad said. "we all have" my little sister said. "Oh my gosh thats Niall Horan" my mom said. "your boyfriends famous?" my dad said confused. "yes" i told him. "hi everyone, as you all know i am Niall Horan." Niall said. "Nice to meet you" thy all said. "nice to meet you all too" he replied. They all shook hands and they questioned him and all the stuff you say to your daughters new boyfriend. I forgot that he asked to make it official at the airport. My mom decided to take us to the most fancy restauant in town which was a black tie only place. I wore my dress and shoes and Curled my hair. Niall and my father both wore suits with black ties. My sister wore her dress with her heels. My mother wore her nicest dress which was red and long and beautiful. When we got to the restaurant i sat inbetween my sister and Niall. My sister sat my by my mom and niall sat by my dad in a circle. Niall and I were holding hands the entire time. We ordered our meals. My dad continued to question Niall. My sister looked at Niall and said "hi im Fallyn and im one of your biggest fans". He saud thank you and hey contined talking. Our meals came really fast it seemed so we all ate and then they asked us for dessert which they all said no. Then it was time to pay the bill. "i will pay the whole bill if you would like me too." Niall told my dad. "no thanks i got it" he replied. "are you sure here ill pay for mine and Darians meals" and my dad finally gave in and let him pay forbour two meals. Niall is such a gentleman. On the drive home we sat in the back holding hands. My sister was beside us so hecouldnt kiss me so he just said "you look beautiful tonight" "thank you, you look handsome yourself." i told him. "but i must ask why did you pick me at of everyone in the world, im one in a million?" i asked him. He told me i was like no other girl that he ever met and it was like nobody else was in that room the day we met. I told him i felt the samee. Then we told each other that weblige each other and we did kiss. "gross" my sister said. She gave me a look. Then it was time to go upstairs and change. I changed into a pair of hollister yoga shorts and into a hollister pink tanktop. Then i Waited till everyone went to bed and snuck in Nialls bed. His body was so warm against mine. I guess he didnt see me cause he looked surprise". "hello im stealing your bed with you if you dont mind" "the more the merrier" he replied. And we fell asleep. I set an alarm at six am to go back in my own bed so no one finds out.
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