Which one?

Molly is a 18yr old girl who lives in London. Her friends and family treat her like a toy. Her step-dad treat her the worst. She gets used and abused everyday of her life. She makes an escape and runs into her old friend Liam.


10. Unpredicted Coincidence

*A/N Sorry for all the short chappies guys!! I'm trying my best to think of things but at the moment I've got massive writers block!! Urgh! Also if you like I can make you a character in the book, just comment or anyway that you can just ask me and I can see what I can do!! Also, can you please if you have any ideas for the book, give me some? Much love Jamie ;)*

Niall's P.o.v

She said yes! Molly said yes! I'm a happy, jumpy, excited bear right now! I expected her to reject me. But look now! I need to organize it. Where are we going to go? What are we going to do? When will it take place? It all depends when she gets out of hospital. The doctors are giving her a check up today to make sure nothing bad will happen. If she's allowed to go home soon, I will start planning. I just need to know where to take her... I know I'll ask Liam! How will I get him alone? I know I'll whine that I'm hungry! Because I actually am. "I'm hungry Li!" 

"You have to be kidding Ni! We just ate!" He whinges back

"But Li! My stomach is like a bottomless pit! Of course I'm hungry!" By saying this I made Molly laugh. "Fine! I'll go get something. How's Nando's sound?" Yes! Score 1 for Nialler. Score 0 for Liam. "Amazing!" I reply jumping out of my seat. As we walk down towards Nando's we just talk about random shit the whole way until Liam brings up Molly. "Sooo... Figured out where you're going to take Molly out?" He asks me.

"No actually... This is another reason why I whined... Where should I take her? I don't know what she would like! Oh my god! This date is going to be horribl-" I get cut off with Liam's finger placed upon my lips.

"Mate. Just take her to dinner. On the beach? At an Italian restaurant? She loves Italian. Or even ice-skating." He says

"Thanks mate. That really helps... Anything else she likes to do?"

"Well this is her first date so... You'll need to make it special... Umm.. Just make sure she doesn't go near seafood or alcohol alright?"

"Sure thing. Why seafood and alcohol? Is she allergic or something?"

"Yes! Highly allergic to seafood and mildly allergic to alcohol. Just... Don't do anything stupid ok? If you hurt her, I'll hurt you. She's like my little sister ok? So take care of her or else!"

"No worries mate. Everything will be fine!"

As we arrive to Nando's I get really excited! "Hi, how may I help you today?" The waitress asks without looking up from the notepad. When she does she freezes. "A-are you from O-one D-d-direction?" she adds nervously

"Yes love, we are. Would you like a photo and an autograph?" Liam replies smoothly

"Yes please." She says with excitement. At least she's not a crazed fan that screams in your face. "Except for Niall... I don't want your autograph... or a photo with you..." she adds on quickly. When she said those words I flinched that really hurt. Liam noticed. "I'm sorry love, but it's either both of us or neither of us." Liam tells her nicely.

"That's fine at least I got to meet you both... Now what we're you two lads after?"

"Umm... I'll have a... Classical burger Peri-Peri, with a coke and medium chips please." I tell her flashing my smile.

"And I'll have just medium chips please." Liam says

"Sure thing. Is that take away or eat here?"

"Take away please." I reply

"Sure guys, it'll be here soon." And with that we stepped a side and waited for our meal to come.

The whole time I was thinking about the date. Should I take her to dinner? Or ice skating? Maybe both? Dinner first, then ice skating then probably some ice cream. Yep that's what I'll do. She'll love that, right? Oh well, it'll be amazing of course. Because I'm the great Niall James Horan of One Direction! Now, I just need to figure out the day to do it with. "Hey Li, do you know what Nicole's getting out of here?" 

"No sorry mate. We find out after the check up the doctors are giving her. We should know when we get back up. The lads said that the nurse is there doing it now." He replied looking into his phone.

"Here's your meal lads, have a great day." Said the lady from behind the counter

When we're just outside the door we see the lads with their heads in their hands sobbing loudly. "Lads, what's wrong?" I ask them with clear worry in my voice.

"S-she f-f-flat-lined... T-they're trying to bring her back now..." Harry exclaims in the middle of sobs.

What! How does this happen?! She was perfectly fine before we left! No! Nicole can't die now!

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