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Molly is a 18yr old girl who lives in London. Her friends and family treat her like a toy. Her step-dad treat her the worst. She gets used and abused everyday of her life. She makes an escape and runs into her old friend Liam.


9. Unknown Future

Niall's P.o.v

I can see Nicole's eyes drooping further and further every second. She needs the sleep. Even if she has been in Coma for 7 months she needs to sleep. It was obviously hard work getting out of Coma. "Shh, shh, go to sleep. You need it." I coo her. I watch her as she goes to sleep and have no reason to but I worry. I worry that she won't wake up from this slumber. What if she doesn't? And permantly sleeps? Or even dies? I can't worry 'bout that. I just need to pray that she'll be ok.

I can now hear the boys coming down the hallway arguing over what to eat. "No! All of you shutup! We'll see what Niall wants first! Then we'll decide what we want!" Liam exclaims. That's my Liam, always thinks of me first. "Aye, Nialler... Oh shh guys Nicole's asleep. Now, Nialler what do you want?" Liam asks me "I don't care Li, anything really." I reply "Okay, well then.. you get... a quarter pounder meal 'cause your Nialler." he says cheerfully while handing me the meal. I eat with joy knowing that Nicole will be ok. At least from what I've seen so far. I'm scared. Very scared. What if she doesn't wake? Stop Niall! you shouldn't be thinking like this! I scream at myself mentally. If I keep thinking like this then something bad will come out of it. All I want is good.

Nicole's P.o.v

When Niall told me to go to sleep, I obeyed obeidently. And the darkness consumes me. But now that I've gone to sleep, what will happen to me? Will I wake up again? Or stay asleep for months longer? Will I die? I can't die. That can't be the last time I saw his face. I will wake up tomorrow morning no matter what! Even if I'm close to death by doing it. Death won't touch me! He won't even get near me with the lads around. I will survive. I will survive this. For me. For Niall. For everyone.

When I flutter my eyes open, the light hurts my head. The hospital room lights are too bright. "Someone turn the lights down." I mumble. I seem to startle Niall, for I can feel him jump in my hand. "Nicole?" He asks. "Please turn the lights down! Or at least turn them off!" I exclaim and he jumps out of his seat to go dim down the lights. "Better." I mutter. "I'm so happy your back!" he exclaims "I'm happy I'm back too."

We sit there for a few hours just talking about what's happened will I was gone for 7 months. "Nicole... There's something... Umm... W-would.... you like to go out with... with me... sometime?" he asks me. I'm in shock. That this boy. With his sea blue eyes and bleached blonde has asked me out. I don't know why but, tears have formed in my eyes daring to spill like a waterfall. I blink a couple of times to get the tears a bay. "I-I would love to!" I reply to his question. He has excitement crawl onto his face with blush creeping behind it. What does this mean for the future? Will it be good or bad? I don't know what to expect.

*A/N sorry for the late update guys! The internet will be up at home in a few days! Yay! I'll update whenever I can!*

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