Which one?

Molly is a 18yr old girl who lives in London. Her friends and family treat her like a toy. Her step-dad treat her the worst. She gets used and abused everyday of her life. She makes an escape and runs into her old friend Liam.


2. Someone new

Nicole's P.o.v

That person has come out from behind and he's a very tall boy, blonde hair with brown roots. He's actually very cute.

"Who are you?" I question harshly

"I'm Niall, who are you?" He replies, with a deep, strong Irish accent

"N-nicole.. What are you doing here!?"

"Trying to relax until you came along!"

"Well I'm sorry!" I exclaim dragging the "O" along.

"What are you doing here!"

"Trying to hide!"

Niall's P.o.v

I'm looking through the waterfall trying to get things off my mind, when I hear footsteps coming along. I stand up and look to see if i know who it is. It's some girl with a back-pack looking puffed. I move forward and she moves to. I walk out of the waterfall to find a very attractive girl. I think I just found my princess.

"Who are you?" she questions me harshly

"I'm Niall, who are you?" I reply

"N-nicole.. What are you doing here?!"

"Trying to relax, until you came along!"

"Well I'm sorry!" exclaims dragging the "O" along

"What are you doing here!"

"Trying to hide!"

Who could she be hiding from? She's very attractive and there couldn't be anyone one in the world she could be hiding from. Well if she's hiding I'm going to help her. I wave her forward with a reassuring look. She follows me looking like she wont trust me. I sit down and pat the space next to me. She sits a little bit further than I wanted her too. I will get to know her and win her heart. She is the girl I've been waiting for... My Princess. It's a little bit to quiet for two people to be, so I decide to break ice.

"So who are you hiding form?" I ask her generally curious

I see the tears form in her eyes and immediately regret asking. By all means she could be running away from nothing and trying to figure out now what she's doing and what she's done to her family/

"I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean for you to cry.." I tell her as I pull her into a bear hug which she doesn't push away

"No, it's OK... It's probably best I tell someone sooner or later." she replies muffling into my chest

I pull her away from my chest and look into her deep brown eyes that look beautiful and tired from running.

"Do you want to tell me about it at my place?" I suggest

All she needs to do is nod as a reply. I pick her up bridal style. After a few minutes of walking she snuggles into my chest and falls asleep. Although I just met this I think she's the one for me. I know the boys will be at my place waiting for me so I sit down for a minute and text Harry. To Hazza: Hey when I come back be quiet please I'm bringing a lost girl home OK? Tell all the boys to please.Thanks Niall. I wait for a few minutes for a reply. My phone vibrates in my hand. From Hazza: Sure mate anything for you. What's her name? I hope she's cutee!! Thanks for telling us too we would've scared her when we came rushing up to you. Your welcome Hazza. Oohh Hazza, always a flirt even when he hasn't met them.

When I get to the drive way of my place I wake Molly up nicely so she can stand.

"Nicole.. Nicole we're here you need to wake up now," I say softly in her ear whilst shaking her softly.

"Ha.. Ok Niall, put me down now," She replies tired

I put her down and we walk slowly to door so she doesn't trip. When we get to my door I warn her about the boys and that they might be a bit loud to start off with. When I open the door the boys are standing there waiting for us to come in. I give them a look to back off and they do it.



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