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Molly is a 18yr old girl who lives in London. Her friends and family treat her like a toy. Her step-dad treat her the worst. She gets used and abused everyday of her life. She makes an escape and runs into her old friend Liam.


3. Reunited

Nicole's P,o,v

When Niall opens his house door I find heaps of boys in there just standing at the door. I'm going to embarrass myself. I've already started to embarrass myself by walking in yawning, rubbing my eyes and holding Niall's hand. I spot out someone who looks very familiar. I squint and they squint back. Wait a second.. Is that Liam?

"Liam?" I ask curiously pointing at him

"Nicole?" he replies with just as much curiosity in his British voice that I've always adored.

"Wait do you two know each other?" Niall questions

"I'm pretty sure we do..." I reply

I let go of Niall's hand and walk closer to examine this person that I think is my best friend Liam Payne. He examines me too. That's when I know it's Liam. We always did this hand shake to show that we're best friends. I pull my hand out in the start of the hand shake and he starts it off and we finish it off like we only did it yesterday instead of years ago. I jump up hugging him bringing my legs around his waist. screaming with pleasure. We hadn't seen each other for years. I've always had feeling for him . But I never knew if he had them back for me. I snuggle my face into his neck and laugh with joy. I haven't laughed in years. After he left the country for a band I went sour. That's when I was abused and used like a toy. I jump off him and look him in the eyes.

"How are you? I haven't seen you in ages!!" He asked me, "What's been-"

"I wouldn't ask that if I were you," Niall warns Liam


"I asked and she started crying."

Liam is now looking me dead straight with worry. Now my tears are starting to build up and this time I fear they will fall. I blink and the tears roll down my cheeks. Liam's thumb comes up to my face wipes them away. I wish he didn't ask. I really do. I don't want people to see how weak I am.

"Please don't cry," Liam whispers in my ear

I nod as a reply still in his arms.

"OK now time to meet the boys!" Niall screams

"Hi I'm Harry," says the boy with curly hair and deep green eyes exclaims

"Hi I'm Louis," the boy with brown scruffy hair and brown eyes

"And I'm Zayn," says the boy with black hair with a quiff and tanned skin

"Nice to meet you all. Niall, can you please show me to where I'm going to sleep?" I ask with a trembling voice

"What about dinner?" Niall exclaims with a puppy dog face

"Fine I'll stay up for dinner," I laugh

"Pizza!!" Niall screams

"Ok Niall you can order pizza," Harry chuckles

Niall walks into the kitchen to order and that's when I first realize that this is One Direction I'm standing with. I froze in front of them and they all noticed. Especially Liam seeing that I'm in his arms still. Harry whispers something to Louis and all I caught was "One Direction". So it was true Liam left me someone who had known him since birth for these boys who he had been put together with in one motion. I can't believe him! I'm so angry right now.

"Let go of me Liam," I mumble whilst pushing away from his chest

"Nicole, what's wrong?" he asks worried

"You left me... for them..."

The tears are forming again and Niall has walked in while this whole thing has happened.

"What do you mean?" Liam asks

"You left me who you've known since birth for these boys who you only just knew from one day when you get put in a band. That's what I mean." I reply with tears rolling down my cheek

Liam tries and wipes them away but I push his hand away from my face before he can even get near me. I walk across to Niall and hug him. He hugs me back in his big bear hug that he gave me earlier.

"Please show me to my room, I'll come down when the pizza's here.."

"OK, follow me..." Niall replies. I do as he said and followed him.

We walk up the stairs past heaps of room I'm guessing are the boys rooms. Niall leads me into a room that has a guitar, a few posters on the wall and an unmade bed in it. I think this might be Niall's room.

"This is where you will be staying," Niall says as he is picking up clothing from the floor and into his laundry basket

"Is this your room?" I ask generally curious

"Yes it is, and I'm going to sleep on the couch."

"No you can sleep in your room and I'll sleep on the couch... Or you can sleep on the bed with me..."

Niall's P.o.v

"No you can sleep in your room and I'll sleep on the couch... Or you can sleep on the bed with me..."

Did she just say sleep in the same bed? I froze. What was going on with me? I was blushing like crazy.

I stand up straight put the rest of the clothes in my laundry basket and walk up to her. I out my hands on her face and look deep into her eyes and lean in close enough so she could feel my breath against her pale white skin. I lean in further and kiss her pink plush lips. She kisses back. I didn't expect her to kiss back after what just happened. I pull back, grab her hand and kiss it like a gentle men.

Nicole, will you be my girlfriend? I ask her mentally

I grab her hand and drag her downstairs so she can be social.

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