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Molly is a 18yr old girl who lives in London. Her friends and family treat her like a toy. Her step-dad treat her the worst. She gets used and abused everyday of her life. She makes an escape and runs into her old friend Liam.


8. Months of torture

Niall's P.o.v

When I wake up I remember where I was, and whyI was there. I seemed to startle Louis from his sleep when I started sobbing. "Everything will be alright ,ate," Louis reassured me "Molly, please wake up. I need you. I miss you. Please Molly! Wake up!" I scream while shaking her hand in mine to try and wake her up. Louis strecthes and gets up. "Would you like anything from KFC mate?" He asks me. I just shake my head in reply. Seeing Molly like this has made me loose my appetite for a bit.

- Time skip 7 months later (still Niall's P.o.v)-

It's been 3 months with no response. She hasn't twitched. Hasn't done anything. Not even woken up. I wonder if she will ever wake up. Or even remember me when she wakes up. I hope she's alright in there. Fighting to wake up to me. "Please Molly. Wake up. I know you can hear me now. Please listen and wake up for me... for the boys...." I whisper in her ear. That's when I hear her heart monitor slow down. No. this can't happen! She can't flatline! I won't let her! "Nurse! Her hearts slowing down! Hurry!" I scream in the hallway. With no one reposnding to what I'd just said. "Don't leave me Molly. Don't! Please! Fight against the darkness! Run away from the light! Anything to stay alive! Open your eyes! Or squeeze my hands! I love you Molly!" I exclaim

Molly's P.o.v

I feel weaker every second. Running for the same thing but ending up no where. I see a light so I run towards it. Not such a good idea. I can feel my eyes weaking like I'm almost dead. No. I need to run away from the light. If I run any further towards the light then I'll die. I need to see Niall before I even think of dying. I keep hearing him with me. "Don't leave me Molly. Don't! Please! Fight against the darkness! Run away from the light! Anything to stay alive! Open your eyes! Or squeeze my hands! I love you Molly!" Niall exclaims after that I have feeling over my body and squeeze his hand like he told me to. At my action he's excited and cheers me onto open my eyes. I can feel myself having a fight just trying to open up my eyes but it never happens. I am able to murmur a few words before I fall back into the darkness. "I love you Niall" "Come on Molly Keep trying! You were so close!" At those words I try again to open my eyes but instead I have another fit in it's place. I don't know if I can ever open my eyes. I hope I can. Next minute I know there's Niall's face with an excited look on his face with tears streaming freely down his cheeks, then it's gone again when I'm once again back in the darkness. Why me? I don't deserve darkness. I deserve Niall's face in my eyes. I try once again to open my eyes and they open. This time they stay open. "I knew you could fight it!" he excliams while pulling me into the bear hug he gave me the day we met. My arms were limp so I couldn't hug him back. All I could do was cry in happiness. I'm finally out of that dark place! I hope I never go back there. Niall stands up and walks out the room. To get a nurse and the boys I presume. "Nurse! She's awake! Come in boys!" He yells happily and runs back in with the boys hot on his tail. "Molly!" Liam exclaims and runs up to me and brings me into a bear hug. Not as good as Niall's though. I wish I had some water I'm really thirsty! I try to speak but nothing comes out. They all notice and Niall hands me a cup of water. I gulp it down with pleasure and I hear a noise I haven't heard before. It's not a human noise. Niall's smirking at me like he knows what the noise is. "Are you hungry?" He asks me with pleasure I nod in reply. I'm starving!

Niall's P.o.v

When I felt molly squeeze my hand I knew she would be ok. But when she started having a fit to open her eyes I got scared that if she pushed too hard that her heart might not be able to take it. But I kept cheering her on. I love her! I can't live without her! When I saw her beautiful eyes open up butterflies decided to show up. When She couldn't speak I instantly gave her a glass of water then her stomach growled and she looked confused. "Are you hungry?" I ask she nods in reply with excitement. "What do you want?" "I want.. *cough cough*... Maccas... *cough cough* please..." she struggles out. "Just a cheese burger meal with water?" Liam asks her she nods in reply knowing it hurts her throat to talk. Liam gets up as do the rest of the boys and head down to get McDonalds. I grab her hand and gently rub the back of her hand with my thumb. I really love Molly. I don't understand how I have lived without her.

-A/N sorry I haven't updated in a while guys. I've moved house recently and the internet hasn't been set up yet. I'll update when ever I get hold of a computer. Remember comment and like/favourite!-



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