Which one?

Molly is a 18yr old girl who lives in London. Her friends and family treat her like a toy. Her step-dad treat her the worst. She gets used and abused everyday of her life. She makes an escape and runs into her old friend Liam.


5. Hospital

Liam's P.o.v

"What happened when you took her out of the room Liam?" I hear Louis ask

I don't feel like replying but I have to or they will suspect something. "I kissed..." I mumble

"What? I didn't hear you mate."

"I kissed her.." I say louder this time

Next thing I know is Niall giving me death stares with his fists clutched standing up with Harry holding him back. I know I did the wrong thing. I don't know why I did it. Why did I? I know she doesn't like me, she never has. I also have Danielle... But I couldn't help myself... I have feelings for two beautiful people in my life... And I'm pretty sure Dani never wants to see me again. When Niall sits down we sits there in silence. My eyes start drooping to show that I need sleep so I close them and lean on Louis' shoulder and fall asleep.

Niall's P.o.v

"What happened when you took her out of the room Liam?" I hear Louis ask Liam

He hesitates before he answers like he knows if he says the wrong answer something will happen to him. He mumbled something but I didn't hear him.

"What? I didn't hear you mate." Louis says

"I kissed her.." He says louder know

I had so much anger in me that I stood up with my hands clutched ready to punch him but Harry stands up before I could even get near him. Darn. I wouldn't have minded knocking some sense into him. And anyway doesn't he have Danielle to deal with at the moment? Why would he kiss Nicole when he's fighting with Dani? I just can't believe him! It's been hours since we left her to go into the operation room. Although I only just met her today I think I'm in love.. She's the one and I know it... She's my princess. The nurse is walking through the operation doors. I jump up and startle Haz because he was asleep on my shoulder and I run up to the nurse.

"Is she ok? Can we go see her?" I ask nervously

"She's fine and yes you can go see her. We've contacted family so they're aware she's here and they're on their way now." The nurse replies

"Wait.. Did you just say family?"

"Yes, why?"

Oh no. This isn't going to be pretty. She ran away from her family. Because they abuse her and use her so did all her "so called friends".

"I don't think that was a very good idea," I say

"Why?" She asks generally curious

"Don't worry. Just call them back and say it was a mistake and you called the wrong people ok!"

"That's not allowed sir. Because her records clearly say her step-dad is the only one to reach and-"

"Just do it!" I scream pointing towards the front desk

"I'm sorry sir but I can't"

Then where's her room? When's she allowed to get out?"

"Her room is number 323 and she's allowed out when she wants to go out."

"Thank you"

I'm worrying like crazy now. I grab my phone and text the boys saying get the car ready. I walk into her room with a wheel chair next to her bed.

"Niall!" She exclaims and pulls me into a hug

"Nicole, listen I'm going to put you into the wheelchair and I'm taking you back to my place ok?" I exclaim to her

"Why Niall? What's wrong?"

"I can't tell you until we get to my place ok."

With that I pick her up and put her into her wheelchair and run to the front desk to check her out of the hospital. We're in the elevator when we reach the floor Molly freezes. "W-w-what's he doing here?" She asks studdering

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