Fantasy and Reality

Yui is just a regular high school girl living with a bloody past. To escape the hater in school, she buys a new video game called "Fantasy and Reality". But just as the player count hit 1 million, the game crashed sending all of the gamers inside of the game. In order to escape the Hell there in, they must complete the game.


1. Prologue

     In my eyes, she looked like an angel.  A angel clad in red.  No... she was more like a demon.  No angel could be that cruel  yet so charming in their movements.  As she clashed swords with the enemy, her midnight black hair, that was neatly tide in a pony, flickered in the mommentum of the attack.  Though it looked like she was losing, her pearl white eyes showed confidence.  Her enemy, whome was a programed boss unquie to the game fell back with the loss of the clash.  With a cocky smile, she had no intention of slowing and waiting for the enemy to regain his balance. With a quick dash she sliced right through the enemy with one stike.  The boss which looked like a mage wearing a black cloak let out an angery scream and disapeared.  All the the lower leveled players cheared.  For if it wasn't for her, they would be dead.  I could only stand there in amazement, looking up at my new idol.  She swung her pitch black sword right then left.  She dropped it and it disappeared back into her invortory.  "Hmm"  She sighed with a smirk and disappeared right back into the dark of the night.

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