All or nothing (1D)

Alicia Hamilton and Rosie Jenkins have inseparable their whole life. They both love to sing, dance and perform, and when they were kids they decided to move to London when they get old enough. Alicia and Rosie both get listed at LAPA (London Academy of Performing Arts), the most prestigious performing academy in England. There, they meet their mentor for a big audition, Harold Edward Styles, better known as Harry from One Direction. They both develop feelings for Harry, as times goes on, but it seems like Harry only likes one of them. Or does he? Will their friendship survive backstabbing, lies and love? Will this be the end of everything they ever wanted?


3. Leaving the flat

Rosie's POV

"Al? Did you pack all of our shampoo?" I shouted loudly through our flat, while I was trying to get everthing packed in my blue Timberland suitcase. It was really hard to fit everything in just one bag! Eventhough I had bought an even bigger suitcase, I still couldn't figure out how to fit all of my clothes in just one bag. I wouldn't be able to carry more than the Timberland suitcase and my computer-bag, so I guess I had to leave some clothes in our flat, or maybe I could get my mom to keep it at her house.

"Yeah, it's all in my bag" Alicia shouted back.

I sat down on my bed for a second. I looked at my room. Soon, this life in Leicester was past, and I actually couldn't wait. This would be really good for both me and Al. I mean, I love Leicester, but it's like we can't go any further from here. We have both been taking drama lessons for, like, 10 years, but now it was time for changes. LAPA had what it takes. And we had what it takes to get the best parts in plays.

LAPA is by the way a kind-of musical college. Important people often came by, with big auditions. And then it was about training. Training really hard. You also got a mentor if it was a really big audition. This mentor would then stay at the school until the audition was over.

I went in to Alicia's room, and saw that she was also done packing.

"Should we take out stuff down to the car?" I asked her. I could see that she was just as excited and nervous about us leaving home.

"Yeah, I'll start taking my stuff down, can you lock the door?" she asked.

"Sure, I'll meet you downstairs then" I responded.

Alicia got up from her bed, took her big, pink suitcase in her hand, walked out of the room. I could hear her mock with our door. It was always really difficult to open, but now we never had to think about that damn door again.

When I got up, I could help but think about all the good memories this flat had brought us. Eventhough we hadn't lived here long, it still kept some good memories. Both me and Al are 19 years old, so I guess we hadn't lived here more than a year.

I dragged my suitcase over the wooden floor, and when I got to the door, picked up the keys with a Homer Simpson keychain in it, I looked at the flat one last time.

Everything was about to change. But we'd still have each other, right?

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