All or nothing (1D)

Alicia Hamilton and Rosie Jenkins have inseparable their whole life. They both love to sing, dance and perform, and when they were kids they decided to move to London when they get old enough. Alicia and Rosie both get listed at LAPA (London Academy of Performing Arts), the most prestigious performing academy in England. There, they meet their mentor for a big audition, Harold Edward Styles, better known as Harry from One Direction. They both develop feelings for Harry, as times goes on, but it seems like Harry only likes one of them. Or does he? Will their friendship survive backstabbing, lies and love? Will this be the end of everything they ever wanted?


4. Everything is new

Alicia's POV

"Allright, girls, this is your hallway. Your, and your possible roommate's name will be on the door, so go ahead and look for it. In an hour we'll all meet in the eating-hall." Mr. Ryeng, the headmaster of the school said, while he held his arm to the side, as he was showing the hallway.

Me and Rosie looked at each other, and started going downwards the hallway, hoping to find a door with both our names on it. We got pushed a little bit by the other girls, but they probably wanted to find their rooms too.

"Oooh, mine is right here, Al" Rosie said, with a hint of sadness in her voice. "And my roommate is apparently some girl named Callie Johnston".

My heart sank in my chest, as I stared at my door, that was located further down the hallway. "Alicia Hamilton" was all it said. I was going to live alone.

I opened the door to my room, and my eyes met room with a queensize bed, a nightstand, a desk, and a cabinet to fit all my clothes. It probably couldn't fit in there anyway, so I'd have to keep some of my stuff in my suitcase.

I liked the room. It was light and big, and I now know why they call it England best school for performing arts. The founder must have had a seriously rich father.

"Knock, knock, it's me" I could hear Rosie's voice through the wooden door, while her face was peeking out from the door. She opened the door completely and stepped in my room.

"So", she started, and I knew that she would start telling a story. "I'll tell you three things about my roommate Callie, who I've just met, like five minutes ago. One: She has a pet rat at home. Two: She definitely smokes. Three: She plays the didgeridoo. God, Al, can you feel my pain?" Rosie smiled at me, and I knew that she would probably end up being besties with this girl. Rosie is a very lovable person.

"Well, at least you have a roommate" I said, and could not hide the disappointment in my voice. I had hoped, that I would live with Rosie, of course. My best friend. But maybe this was good. All the time we had known each other, Rosie had always been first in everything. She always got all the boys, because she was blonde, had green eyes, and had the perfect Colgate-smile. And on top of that it was even nice, good looking guys. I didn't want to admit it, but I was secretly competing with her. Or maybe it was only with my self.

"Hey, it'll be allright. I'll just be right down the hall, and if you get lonely, I'm sure Callie-pet-rat would like to exchange rooms for a night of two". Comforting words from Rosie was always nice to hear.

"Yeah. you're right. Should we go down to the eating-hall, and get some lunch? I'm starving!" Her smile went from pity-smile, to a smile that could light up a christmas-tree when I asked her that.

"Sure, let's go."

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