All or nothing (1D)

Alicia Hamilton and Rosie Jenkins have inseparable their whole life. They both love to sing, dance and perform, and when they were kids they decided to move to London when they get old enough. Alicia and Rosie both get listed at LAPA (London Academy of Performing Arts), the most prestigious performing academy in England. There, they meet their mentor for a big audition, Harold Edward Styles, better known as Harry from One Direction. They both develop feelings for Harry, as times goes on, but it seems like Harry only likes one of them. Or does he? Will their friendship survive backstabbing, lies and love? Will this be the end of everything they ever wanted?


2. Did this just happen?

Alicia's POV

One of the tabs said "Hotmail (1)". This was normally spam, or my mom telling me to remember to never let pasta boil more than 12 minutes. I clicked on Hotmail, and there it was. The e-mail I had been waiting for, basically my whole life.

I live in Leicester, in a flat, with my best friend Rosie. We have known each other since forever, and went through everything. My dads death, her parents' divorce, everything you can think of.

My heart started beating faster, when I saw who the e-mail was from. LAPA. London Academy of Performing Arts. I opened the e-mail with shaking hands, and there is was, written on black and white.

"Dear Alicia Hamilton


It is with greatest pleasure, that we here at London Academy of Performing Arts can announce, that you have been selected to join our college. We will send you more information later, but you can start packing your bags!


John Ryeng, headmaster."

That was what the e-mail said. Simple as that.

"Rosie! Please check your e-mail!" I shouted excited through the few doors between us. It was a nice sunday afternoon in Leicester, and my life had just been changed. I was praying that Rosie had gotten the same e-mail.

Well, of course, with her name instead of mine at the beginning. Otherwise it would be weird.

I read the e-mail again. It was real. I had just been admitted to England most prestigious performing school, where singing, dancing and acting were the keywords. This was what I wanted more than anything.

"Alicia! I've gotten an e-mail from LAPA! I'm in!" I rolled my chair out, got up and ran in to Rosie's room. 

"We're in! We're both in!" Rosie was already jumping up and down, and I joined in. This was unbelievable. I stopped jumping up and down and started hugging Rosie.

"Rosie, do you realize, that this just happened? Soon, we will be out of Leicester, and living in London, and living the dream. I can't believe it!" I said.

"I know, but seriously, what are the odds, that we both get admitted on the day? They must be in a really good mood, when they thought, oh hey, let's get both girls enrolled at the school, at the same time!" Rosie said. We both laughed.

"Maybe we'll live in the same room" I said. "That would be so cool".

"Yeah, it would. But let's call people, and tell them that we got in" Rosie said. I agreed by nodding, and when I picked up my Iphone, and hoped that I could've called my dad and told him. It was a long time since he passed away, but I still miss him. Of course, I mean, wouldn't anything else be weird?

I like, when things are weird, though. Like now. This was weird, but also one of the best feelings in the world.

I dialed my mom's number, and when she picked up, I couldn't hold my excitement.

"Mom, I got in! And Rosie got in too!"

"Honey, that's great, congratulations. Can I call you back?" she said.

Of course. Same old, same old. Mom was always busy. I remember in fifth grade, where I won a science competition. Mom had been so absent at the competition, that when we got home, I placed my trophy at the dinner table, and it was gone the next morning. "Oh, darling, that was yours?" I still remembered the words. But, oh well, I loved my mom to bits and pieces, but she could be a pain in the ass.

That night, I went to sleep, thinking that this year would be the best year of my life. I would get a lot better at performing arts, live in London at a college, and knowing that I had my best friend in the whole world, by my side, nothing could go wrong.


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