True Love Can Wait

Eleanor Calder is just a normal student on break when she meets a boy named Zayn. Instantly they become best friends. When it's time to go home, she meets the love of her life, Louis. But when her job is too demanding and the unexpected happens, will she manage to keep the one thing that really matters, true love?


6. Twilight

I looked at Ashley and she shrugged. I answered the door. When I noticed it was Emmy, I smiled. I jumped on her and gave her a big hug. After a few seconds, I pulled back. I practically screamed at her, "What are you doing here?" She replied, "Well I was leaving for school and I wanted to say goodbye." My smile dropped. I looked at the car and noticed she was fully packed. I sighed loudly.


She goes to a boarding high school in Doncaster. I was really going to miss her. "Well would you like to come in for a little bit?" I asked. She replied, "I have to get going. I'll miss you!" We hugged one last time and she left.


I shut the door and turned to find Ash on her laptop. She was stalking One Direction. I laughed and walked over. I slammed the laptop shut and she screamed, "Hey! What was that for?!" I laughed and said, "I am not going to let you waste the time before the semester online! Especially if you are planning on stalking One Direction." She giggled and sighed, "Fine." I laughed but then it hit me. What were we going to do?


The next day, we decided to go shopping. I slid on my blue vans and slipped on my pink dress from Hollister. Most of my clothes were from Hollister because of the discounts I get there from my modeling. That reminded me that I had a photo shoot soon. Probably next week or something. That's the best part about modeling: your schedule is flexible.


I walked downstairs and grabbed my purse. Ash was ready shortly after. I got into her car and she drove to the mall. First, we stopped in Obsessions. It's a store for popular obsessions for teens. There were rows of items for Twilight, Justin Bieber, and lucky for Ash, One Direction. She disappeared somewhere in the One Direction section. I picked up one of the posters. I looked at Zayn. He really was good looking. Well, so were the rest of the boys. I didn't know their names or anything about them though.


I heard Ash calling my name and we left the store. She had 4 bags full of One Direction items. I looked at her and she giggled, "What?" I laughed and said, "Nothing! Nothing..."


The next store we stopped in was Expressions. It is my favorite store in the mall. We both tried on dresses in front of each other like a fashion show. Each dress I tried on, I didn't like. Of course, Ashley with her perfect body found a lot of dresses that she liked. I was going through another sales rack when I found a dress hidden on the bottom. I looked at the tag and it was exactly my size.


When I tried it on, I fell in love with it. It was a casual dress with a black and white polka dot pattern and a pink ribbon. I came out and Ashley's jaw dropped. It was the perfect dress.


Before we left I managed to find a few more casual dresses, beautiful fancy dresses, some adorable outfits, shoes, jewelry, and some bikinis. So yes, basically everything.


It all added up to a pricey total, but I didn't care. I glanced at my watch. It was already 8 pm. We had spent the whole day in this store. But that's what usually happens.


When we got home, I put all the things I had gotten that day away in my room. I changed into PJ shorts with a sweatshirt on top. I put my brown wavy hair into a messy bun and crawled into bed. I fell fast asleep into a dreamless slumber.


I woke up the next day around noon. I walked downstairs and made myself lunch. I sat down on the couch and turned on the telly. That was when I realized Ash was missing. I stood up and went up to her room. There was a note on the door.


It said: Went to visit family. I'll be back early tomorrow. I'm leaving my phone here so you won't be able to reach me. See ya xx


I walked back downstairs and sat on the couch. What was I going to do?



Zayn P.O.V.



Yesterday, all we did was rehearse. Today, we finished everything that needed to be done for the concert tonight. Everything was looking good. Well, besides the fact that Louis was an emotional wreck. During songs, sometimes he would cry. But we all figured he would pull himself together for the concert.



Eleanor P.O.V.



After watching the telly for a few hours, I decided to read a book. I went over to Ashley's bookshelf and noticed that all her books were cheesy love stories. I settled for Twilight. I started reading it and I couldn't stop. I was in my own world.



Zayn P.O.V.



The concert went great! Louis pulled through! At certain points through the concert, it looked as if he was going to cry but he managed to fake through it! But nothing can beat that feeling on stage when you hear the crowd calling your name. Especially, when you're with your 4 best mates.


We all climbed into the van and got to the airport. Louis went up and bought 7 tickets to Manchester. 5 for us boys and 2 for Perrie and Danielle. We went through security and then bag check. Finally we boarded the plane.


It was late and we were all really tired. For some reason, none of us could sleep. This was going to be a long flight.



Eleanor P.O.V.



I finished Twilight. Along with all the books in the series. All 2,560 (or something like that) pages.


I looked at the clock. 3 am. Really? I'd been reading for almost 12 hours. But even though it's really early, I wasn't tired.


I heard the door quietly open and shut. I looked over to see Ashley setting her stuff down quietly. I walked over to her and said, "You know, I'm awake so you don't have to be quiet." She jumped. I guess I scared her. I couldn't stop laughing. I fell to the floor in a fit of laughter.


She sarcastically laughed and said, "Why are you still up?" I nervously rubbed the back of my neck and looked over to the couch. She looked to the couch and chuckled. "You read all the Twilight books?! Who knew you had teenage girl in you?" She playfully elbowed me. I returned with a playful smack and said, "Shut up."


Ash and I have been friends since kindergarten. She was even there for me when my mom died. She's always there for me. She has my back and I have hers.


She knows that I used to be a tomboy. I played football and listened to rap. When I was 15, I suddenly went through this transformation where I became a girly girl. I fell in love with dresses, heels, and everything. The only thing that didn't change? I never had any teenage obsessions and I never liked teenage love stories. Well I guess that changed today. I realize that teenage love stories make your heart leap. Maybe there is such thing as love at first sight.


Anyway, back to the story, I had gone through this transformation and all of my friends started leaving me. They didn't like the way I changed. All except for Ashley. She saw the old me the whole time. I forever owe her for that.


I smiled and said, "So, uh, what should we do?" She shrugged. "Well it's almost 3:30 so how about we get some tea and have another girls day?" I smiled, "Sure! I'll pick up the tea and bring it here. Let me just get out of these clothes."


I walked upstairs and took a shower. The steamy water felt nice on my skin. I quickly got out and went into my room. I took out the perfect dress I had gotten the day before. I slipped it on and dried my hair. I picked up my phone. It was now 4:30 am.


I ran downstairs and slipped on Ash's One Direction Vans. I grabbed the door handle and left. I got in the car and headed to Starbucks.



Louis P.O.V.



We finally arrived at the airport. It was 3 am and I hadn't gotten any sleep. Well, neither did anyone else. Perrie wouldn't shut up the whole ride.


We got our bags and we all got cabs to a hotel. We checked in and walked upstairs. We set our stuff down in our rooms. Danielle got a room with Liam, Niall got a room with Harry, Perrie got a room with Zayn, and I got a room to myself. Everyone thought that it would be best for me to be alone. I honestly felt bad for Zayn. He had to share a room with the devil.


I sat down on my bed. 4:30. I needed to get out and go somewhere. I told all the boys that I was leaving. I headed towards the car. I opened the car door and sat down. I decided to go to Starbucks.



Eleanor P.O.V.



The line was really long. I eventually got up to the counter and ordered. "Two Chai teas, please." I paid and walked over to the pickup section. I stood and waited for a while. Finally, the teas were done. I picked up the tray and headed for the door.


I was having a hard time reaching for the door handle when the door flung open and smacked me in the face, spilling the teas all over my brand new dress. "OW!" Shit. That really hurt. Between the door slamming me in the face and the teas spilled all over me, I was really uncomfortable.


All of a sudden a really handsome boy slid through the door. He looked at me and said, "Oh my gosh, I am so sorry I ruined your very pretty dress." His accent was adorable. I mumbled, "Yeah, it's my favorite." He responded, "Let me buy you new teas. I am very sorry. My name is Louis Tomlinson.-"

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