True Love Can Wait

Eleanor Calder is just a normal student on break when she meets a boy named Zayn. Instantly they become best friends. When it's time to go home, she meets the love of her life, Louis. But when her job is too demanding and the unexpected happens, will she manage to keep the one thing that really matters, true love?


5. The Big Awakening

Eleanor P.O.V



I woke up to a bucket full of ice cold water on my face. And I don't just mean the water. I mean the bucket and the water. "OW!" I screamed. Ash said, "Sorry! It was heavy!" I rubbed my forehead and asked what happened. I was lying on the couch in the living room. She started explaining, "Well, um, I took you upstairs and you fainted when you saw that the whole upstairs was decorated with One Direction items." I sighed. So it wasn't a dream. I stood up quickly and almost fell again. That wasn't smart.


I headed upstairs. It was like my own personal torture chamber. Ash was following behind me. I walked into her room. There were Harry posters all over. I turned to her and said, "So I'm guessing Harry is your favorite?" She laughed and said, "Of course!" I giggled and walked into my room. She had left mine the way I had left it. I sighed of relief and walked into the guest room. One Direction was everywhere. Posters of all of them were all over the wall. Even the bed sheet was One Direction. I almost puked. I looked over to her and she smiled. I smiled back. I was lucky to have a friend like her.



Zayn P.O.V.



I woke up to two boys calling my name. Niall and Liam. They seemed relieved that I had finally woken up. I sighed, "What happened?" Liam responded, "Well, um, Perrie said she was pregnant and you passed out." So it wasn't a dream. I looked around the room. Louis was still crying and Harry was trying to comfort him. "What happened to Louis?" I asked them. Niall responded, "Well his aunt and a couple of his cousins got in a horrific car accident. And... They didn't make it." I stood up to go comfort him but I got really dizzy. I fell down but Niall caught me. "Ow." I said as I rubbed the back of my head. I must've landed really hard when I passed out.


Liam said, "You fell really hard on your head. You should just relax and sit there. I'm going to go get an ice pack." he stood up and headed into the kitchen. That's daddy direction for you.


I looked around. I didn't see Perrie. I guess I spoke too soon, because Perrie came out of the kitchen. She had made herself a sandwich. She saw that I was awake and slowly walked over to me. She was shoveling food in her mouth. Honestly, Perrie disgusted me. The fact that I'm going to have to spend the rest of my life with her because of one mistake made me sick.


She finally spoke, "Was that a bad time to tell you the news?" I sarcastically said, "No! What gave you that idea? The fact that I just fainted?" She replied quickly and sharply, "Well than!"


Liam came back and handed me the ice pack. I replied "Thanks." I put the ice pack on my head. Perrie blurted out, "Okay, so since I'm going to have a baby, I have decided to move in with you guys." My mouth dropped. All the boys, including Louis and Harry, looked over at her. That was it. I clenched my fists trying to contain my anger. I said, "Perrie, you need to leave." She opened her mouth to say something but I stopped her by saying, "Now." She glared at me and stormed out. I looked around. All the boys were still in shock. Liam broke the silence by saying, "So... I guess that means you're a-" I cut him off. I said, "Don't." And walked to my room.


I sat down on my bed and started to cry. Things couldn't be worse. I just wanted to call Eleanor and tell her everything. I wanted to hold her and have her be mine.


I reached over and grabbed my sketch book and started to draw her perfect face.



Eleanor P.O.V.



To get my mind off of things, Ash and I went shopping. Well, school shopping. Most people hate shopping for school but they just don't shop with the right people. Ash knows exactly what to get, where to get it, and how to Ash-ify it. Ashley was the most creative person I know. Me? Ha, ask me to draw you a straight line. What you'll get? A circle.


We got everything like notebooks, pencils, etc. When we got home, she laid out all the supplies she was going to use to personalize our school supplies.


I watched as she did her magic. I eventually got up and got us some snacks and drinks.



Zayn P.O.V.



I finished. I drew the perfect picture. I admired it for a while. I even captured the spark in her pretty brown eyes. But no matter how perfect the picture was, it wasn't good enough.


My thoughts got interrupted when I heard Louis and Harry arguing in their room. Louis said, "I have to leave. I need to go to Manchester to attend my aunt's and cousin’s funerals." Manchester. Eleanor. No! I snapped out of it and continued to listen to their conversation. Harry responded, "Now I understand how hard this is hard on you but we have our last concert in two days. We can't cancel that. When are the funerals?" Louis mumbled, "They're in a week." Harry responded, "Okay. Then how about this. In two days, right after the concert, we will all go to Manchester to support you and your family." Louis mumbled, "Okay." Then I heard the door open and shut.


We were all going to Manchester! Maybe if luck went my way I could run into Eleanor! I smiled at the thought of seeing her again.



Eleanor P.O.V.



I examined the finished school supplies. She had decorated most of mine with black and white patterns an occasional splashes of pink. Zebra, polka dots, stripes, etc. She knew me too well.


Now we were all ready for school to start next week. *Ding!* I got a text. *Ding!* Ashley got a text too. I went over to my purse and took out my phone.


I opened the text:


Dear Students of Manchester University, we are sorry to inform you that due to the lack of staff and construction to the building we will have to postpone the beginning of the semester to a few weeks later. Date to be announced. Thank you for your time.


Ashley and I finished reading it at the same time. We looked at each other and smiled. Perfect. A few weeks for some girl time.


*Knock knock* Someone was at the door. *Knock knock* Who could that possibly be?

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