True Love Can Wait

Eleanor Calder is just a normal student on break when she meets a boy named Zayn. Instantly they become best friends. When it's time to go home, she meets the love of her life, Louis. But when her job is too demanding and the unexpected happens, will she manage to keep the one thing that really matters, true love?


7. Love At First Sight

I stared in disbelief. He was perfect. His body, his face, even his hair was perfect. He had light brown messy hair. His smile made me go weak and I could get lost in his sea green eyes forever. This was love at first sight. And I could tell he knew it too.


He started to speak again. "Let me buy you another tea. I am very sorry. My name is Louis Tomlinson. And who are you?" Why was he familiar? I mumbled, "The girl who you just hit with the door." He laughed, "Well that's a long name." I giggled and said, "My name is Eleanor. But people call me El." He smiled, "Well that's a beautiful name for a beautiful person." I blushed.


We grabbed a table and he got in the long line to get me another tea. I realized that Ash was probably waiting for me.


I took out my phone and texted her: Ash, I won't be home for a while. Met a cute guy. I'm falling hard for him. Love at first sight! His name is Louis Tomlinson. Text me when you get this message.


I sat and waited for a response. All of a sudden, my phone buzzed. I looked down to see a message from Ash.


It said: Uh, El.. You do know that he's from One Direction, right? Anyway, happy to hear you have a possible love life. Ha ha, I'll be waiting to hear all about it. Ttyl xx


That was when I realized why his name and his appearance were so familiar. I didn't mind though. Actually, I thought it was pretty cool. One Direction seems like a great band full of amazing people.



Louis P.O.V.



As I waited in line, I couldn't stop thinking about her. Everything from her personality to her appearance was beautiful. Plus, it was a bonus that she didn't fangirl like I had expected her to. She was wearing One Direction Vans, so I'm guessing she knew who I am.



Eleanor P.O.V.



I watched as he ordered the teas. He came back and handed me mine. "Thanks." He smiled, "It's the least I can do after hitting you with the door." I laughed and said, "So what is the famous Louis Tomlinson from One Direction doing here at Starbucks?" He laughed, "We just arrived in Manchester this morning. Honestly I didn't think you recognized me. Nice shoes by the way." I blushed. I responded, "I didn't recognize you at first, but now I do. And these aren't mine, they're my friend's." After that I remember getting lost in his eyes. We talked about everything. We talked about our families, our likes, our dislikes, everything. I found out that he had an undying love for carrots. We learned almost everything about each other.


I turned and looked at the clock. That was when I realized it was 7. Time seemed to fly when I was with him. I turned back to see him staring at me. I smiled and said, "What?"



Louis P.O.V.



I realized I was staring at her and looked away. The way she smiled at me made me melt inside. When she asked what, I responded the first thing that I could think of, "You're just so beautiful." She blushed and looked away.


I took that as an opportunity to ask her to go somewhere. I smiled and said, "Would you like to walk to the park with me?"



Eleanor P.O.V.



I smiled. He was asking me on a date!  I responded, "Of course. But first, let me go to the loo." I stood up and headed to the bathroom. I was a mess. I fixed my hair in the mirror. I looked down and saw the stain. I took a paper towel and wet it. I was surprised at how easily it was coming out. It was probably just the material of the dress.


I quickly fixed my makeup and headed out the door. I saw him waiting for me. I headed over to him and we left.


We started walking down the sidewalk and I felt so comfortable being next to him. All of a sudden he slowly and gently reached over and held my hand. I could stay like this forever.


So that was when I decided to break the silence. "So, what's it like being a famous singer? Especially being part of a band." He looked over at me and smiled. He said, "Well, it's really fun being part of a band with your four best mates. But we have to make sure the fame doesn't get to our heads." I smiled and nodded. He continued, "So yeah, I really enjoy it. What about you? Do you sing?" I thought for a little while and responded, "I sing a little bit. It's more of a hobby. I barely have time for it because of my modeling and my studies." He smiled at me an said, "Well tomorrow is karaoke night at my place. I would love it if you could come." I smiled and replied, "Of course I'll come."


Finally we arrived at the park. A few boys were playing American football. We decided to sit and watch in the bleachers. We sat down and we looked at each other. I seemed to fall into a trance, getting lost in his eyes. He was looking into my eyes too. All of a sudden, the ball came hurdling towards him. I caught it right before it could hit him in the face. He realized what had happened, and said, "Woah. Thank you!" I turned towards the boys and they stared at me in shock. I screamed, "Watch where you throw this!" And threw it back.



Louis P.O.V.



What she didn't realize, was that was an amazing catch. And she practically just saved me from a massive headache. She was so modest. I love that about her. She threw it back with a perfect spiral. Everything about her was amazing. And the fact that she could sing made her even more amazing. I could see why she was a model. She was beautiful.


I looked over to the boys playing, and I could tell they could see she was amazing. I smiled and said, "Woah. I didn't know you could play American football." She blushed and said, "Yeah, I used to play a little."


That was when I herd one of the boys scream over to us. He asked, "Hey would you guys like to join us?" I turned to her and asked her if she would like to. Her eyes lit up like the ray from the sun. She nodded and we headed down.


I didn't really know how to play but I was going to fake it. We were put on opposite sides. The quarterback (I think that's what it's called) passed her the ball. She caught it and passed it to someone running behind her. It was probably the best pass I have ever seen. He caught it and ran for a touchdown.


She kept running and obviously didn't see me. She ran into me and fell on top of me. I looked right into her gorgeous brown eyes. Her brown hair lay gently on my face. She blushed and apologized. I honestly didn't want this moment to end.


She stood up and started walking away from me. Without thinking, I grabbed her waist and pulled her to me. I twirled her around. She was laughing. Her laugh was so beautiful, just like her. After a little while, I set her down. We were inches from each other's face. I leaned over and gently kissed her. It eventually got more passionate and full of lust.


Eventually, reality caught up and we had to pull away to take a breath. I smiled. I felt the sparks and hopefully she did too.


We started to walk back to the Starbucks parking lot. We were holding hands the whole way back.


We got back to the Starbucks and we said our goodbyes. I walked her to her car and helped her get in. She started the car and pulled away.


That was when it hit me. I had forgotten to get her number! How could I be so stupid? I wasn't going to let her be the one that got away.


I jumped in my car and started to follow her. I realized what I was doing was crazy but I wasn't going to turn back now.



Eleanor P.O.V.



I had a great time with Louis but even the sun sets in paradise.


I pulled up at Ashley's and turned off the car. I sat there and realized that even though I had just met him, I missed him. I looked at my watch and saw that it was already 10 am.


I got out of the car and walked into the house. Ashley was watching the telly half asleep. I walked over to her and sat next to her. "So? How'd it go?" I replied, "It went great! I will tell you all about it!" She smiled. I continued, "After you get some sleep." She complained, "I'm not tired! I want to hear all about it now!" She sounded like a 5 year old. I laughed, "Yeah, sure. Now go get some sleep." She opened her mouth to say something but then closed it. She admitted defeat by sighing and headed upstairs. I sat down on the couch and closed my eyes when the doorbell rang.


Ashley screamed down, "Can you get that?" I got up and opened the door. To my surprise, Louis Tomlinson was standing in the doorway. I practically shouted, "What are you doing here?"


He nervously rubbed his neck and said, "Well I forgot to get your number love." I smiled and realized that he had actually went through the effort to find me again.


I invited him inside and told him he could sit on the couch. That's when I heard Ashley coming down the stairs. Uh oh.


She came down the stairs saying, "El, who was at the-" She stopped when she saw him. Her jaw dropped and she froze. She was about to tackle him when I stopped her. She started screaming, "OMG LOUIS TOMLINSON IS IN MY HOUSE!" She went into total fangirl mode. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her all the way up the stairs. I pulled her into her room and screamed, "What was that for?!" She said, "I'm sorry! I don't know what came over me." I replied, "It's alright. Just please stay in your room until he leaves." I left and shut the door behind me.


I walked down the stairs to see Louis still sitting on the couch. I said, "Oh my gosh, I am so sorry about that." He smiled and said, "It's quite alright love. I'm used to it." I walked over and sat next to him.



Louis P.O.V.



I smiled when she sat next to me. I reached in my pocket and pulled out my phone. I handed it to her and she entered her number. I watched as she opened my Twitter and followed herself. She handed me my phone back. I put my phone back in my pocket and put my arm around her. She cuddled in close to me. It was then when I realized how tired I was. She was falling asleep when I asked the question that was bugging me the whole time. "Will you be my girlfriend?" She smiled and said, "Of course." We both fell asleep happy.

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