"i promise..."

People always say im just like my mom


3. The Pink Teddy Bear

Ardens *POV*

I woke up to the smell of pancakes I walked down stairs to find joe cooking pancakes, eggs, and bacon. "goodmorning" he said "goodmorning. Need any help?" "no im good all you have to do is eat" "ok" i said gigling soon jack woke up and came into the kitchen "so arden did you like harry?" jack asked "ya, hes cool" i said back "good hes staying for the week" joe said very fast "what, why?" i asked confused "well his parents are out of town and they asked if he could stay here for the week" jack said "wait is he here right now?" i questioned "in fact i am" harry said walking in "and by the way your cool too" he wispered into my ear. It gave me goosebumps. He noticed and smiled. "well anyways lets eat" joe said "what about your parents?" i asked  "there going out for breakfast" "o ok" i said still getting used to there acents. While we ate we talked laughed and even had a contest at who could catch the most grapes in there mouth I won of course. "you guys under estimate my skills" i said "o do we" harry said "yes you do" "ok then can you pass the extreme speacial round" joe said "hit me" i said ready but apperantlly not 'ready'. Harry took a handfull of grapes and through them at me. "i caught one" i said with a grape in my mouth  Everyone started laughing histeraclly "so what are we doing today?" i asked when we finished breakfast "i dont know what do you want to do?" joe asked "something fun!" i said excited "like what" harry questioned "lets go bowling" We got in the car. I was next to harry.  We all sat in akward silence exept for the music playing at low volume. When we got there we got our stuff fast and headed to the lane. I smoked them. "rematch?" jack asked "no i won but lets go to the arcade" i said excited I got my coins and headed straight for the teddy bear claw thing. When i got there i put in my coins and tried, then failed. I put in more coins and started the game again "you have to find a perfect shape poping out" harry wispered putting his hand on mine guiding me. We got a pink teddy bear "thanks harry" i said kissing his cheek Harrys *POV* we walked back to joe and jack. "you better not break ardens heart" joe said sounding very overprotective "lets go" arden said practaclly pulling us to the door Ardens *POV* when we got home it was only 6:00 so we decided to watch a movie. They picked halloween. Im not a big fan of scary movies but i didnt want to be rude. I sat next to harry and joe. About 30min into the movie harry had his arm around me. "its just a movie" he said after i jumped a little . " its still scary" i said back Harry was cute and swee-arden stop it your not gonna fall for him you just broke up with your other boyfriend. At the end the of the movie i was some how on harrys lap. I dont know how i got there. Harrys *POV* when the girl got stabbed arden gave out a little scream and jumped on my lap. "make yourself confortable" i said to her Joe shot me a look Crap Ardens *POV* at the end of the movie i decided to go to bed.  "goodnight" i said to everyone "goodnight" they all said back Once i climbed into my bed i found out that i wasnt gonna go to sleep. I sat there for 2 hours scared out of my mind trying to fall asleep. It was no use. The first person i thought of was harry. I got up and crept into the living room. "harry" i said "harry" i said again a little louder Finally i started shaking his shoulders saying "harry" When he finally woke up i asked "can i sleep here tonigh?"  "ya sure hop in"  The whole night i was protected by his strong arms around my waist.

I think i was falling for him.

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