"i promise..."

People always say im just like my mom


2. "arden smith"

-Ardens *POV*-

After we got off the plane we got our bags, ate, and now i dont know what to do.
"should we call a cab?" i asked since we didnt have a ride to get there
"no your aunt just texted me saying that shes outside" we walked outside to find my aunt standing next to a black range rover 

"arden!" my aunt screamed 
"aunt karmin!" i screamed back running to hug her 
"aw i missed you!" she said still hugging me 
" i missed you too" i said happy to have my family back. We only get to see them once a year maybe twice if were lucky.

"kathy come here" she said seperating from me
"karmin its sooo good to see you" mom said hughing her 
"you too i cant belive how much ardens grown" 
"i know shes growing way to fast" 
" haha lets get your stuff in the car!" karmin said excitedly.
Once we got all the stuff in the car, (wich wasnt that much because the movers are brining our stuff in a week or two) we took off to the house.

When we pulled up in the driveway, jack and joe both came running out of the house to help us with our bags
"jack,  joe," i screamed when they poped out of the house. 
"arden!" they both screamed at the same time.

They came over and practacly tackled me with a hug.
Then my uncle came over and joined the hug.

"hey uncle mark" i said excited to be here.
"wheres elizabeth?" i asked
"shes sleeping upstairs. jack, joe, take there bags to there room while we show them el" he said "fine" jack said lazily

"come on lets go upstairs" karmin said happy and peppy as always.
I ran up the stairs to her room.

As we walked in i was in aww of how perfect her room was.
The walls were a really pretty soft pink.
Her crib was brown wood with pink bedding and had bright blue and black butterflies haning on the celing over it. She had a little white chest full of her toys and a brown and pink canging table and she also had a little table with drawers full of her cloths with a white lamp and a picture of her whole family. The whole room was lit up in dim light. It was amazing.
I walked over to see little el. She was beautiful. She had little light brown hairs and blue eyes. 

"lookes like she woke up" my aunt said and she gave us a little laugh
" ya shes beautiful" i said 
"well she still needs to sleep so ill show you guys to your rooms" my uncle said.

As we walked down the stairs i saw jack talking to some guy. I mustve not seen him when i went upstairs.
He had curly brown hair and green eyes. Why was he here?
"o arden this is my best friend from school"
"o hi" i said. he stuck out his hand for me to shake. 
As i shook it he said "harry styles" in this deep british acent. But everyone in this house has one so its kinda normal. "arden smith"
" so arden do u want to watch a movie with us?" jack asked " sure what movie" 
" i think its bridesmaids"  harry said "o haha i love that movie" 

we sat on the couch while joe put on the movie. About half way thourgh the movie joe and jack fell asleep

"um harry i think im gonna go to bed" i said holding back a yawn 
"ok bye" 
"bye" even though it was only 9:30 i still had some jet lag so i went to the guest room to find my mom fast asleep on the bed. I climbed into bed and fell asleep right when my head hit the pillow.
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