"i promise..."

People always say im just like my mom


1. Intro

Hi my name is arden smith.
Im 16 years old.
When i was a baby my dad left my mom and i.
he was a huge british popstar.

After that its been me and mom against the world.
We just moved to london to be closer to my moms side of the family. My mom lived here then moved to LA with my dad to start fresh.
i cant wait to see my cousins jack and joe. I know i know two boys but weve always been close no matter what happend.And my uncle and i always play softball together.
Softballs my passion. I play softball when things go wrong or just to play it. It takes me to another world. i love it with all my heart. I also did vollyball and track back at my old home in california. 

I also cant wait to see my new baby cousin elizabeth. Shes gonna be the most fashionable baby in the world. My aunt owns a fashion company.

So you could say lifes good, the only problem is that some of my dads friends still live here. 
But thats ok though like im gonna see them.
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