When Everything Changed

Colleen just moved from a small town in Maryland to Mullingar,Ireland to stay with her grand parents. Little did she know when her friend Danielle took her to meet her boyfriend Liam Payne from a famous band and his band mates how her life would change.


4. The Truth


  "Well here's my story but promise me you won't judge me or treat me differently."   "No I will never treat you differently."   "Ok well here it goes."   I basically lived all by myself my entire life my father was a very good lawyer so he traveled around alot.My mother was an English teacher but her school was far away so she got an apartment near by so she didnt have to drive an hour and a half everyday.She would always come home on holidays or breaks she had off.And my dad would always call to check up on me. My parents and I were never really close ad I really didn't trust thrm or even love them.Well mostly my mom because my dad always felt bad and would take me on trips sometimes.I spent a year in Texas and met one of my good friends Selena who is our age.And went to Oklahoma for a few months and I met my best friend Mckenzie who is 16.Oh and I almost forgot for two years we stayed in Louisiana and I met Jamie who is a couple  months older then Louis.And South Dakota I met Chelsea.So I never reakk hated my dad only my mom.Then when I was 12 my dad went on a big trip for 2 years and stopped calling and my mom stopped coming home because she didn't want me to see her depressed.When they left me for a couple months then I began to be depressed adn it actually got to the point were I would cut myself.I would cut on mystomach and chest so no one would see.But my gym teacher at school found out and social services got involved.Basically my parents came home and supported me.I went into rehab for almost a year.A couple years later my dad went back to work and my mom did also but got a closer job.In the fall that year my dad was doing a case and a gunman came in the court room and opened fire.My father didn't make it out.My moms parents live in Mullingar so after the funeral my mom said we were moving there so we moved in with my grandparents.And I knew Danielle since I was little so my mom let me go to school with her in Manchester adn we were at lunch and Liam came and invited us over and here I am now.   "Oh my gosh I never knew that I am so sorry." "Well isn't everybody but please don't be it made me who I am today." "Which would be?" "Well the good thing is I am strong the bad end is I have a trust problem." "look I will always be here for you no mater what happens."   As soon as he finished I got up to use the restroom and when I turned around.I found Zayn standing there with his mouth wide open in shock.I franticly asked how much he heard and he said all of it and he is so sorry.When he said that,I ran off I didn't know what part of the house I was going to but I needed to be alone.   Niall POV After Colleen finished I was in shock and when she got up to use the restroom.We realized Zayn had heard the whole thing.She got upset I don't know why I mean it's the past she shouldn't be embarassed.As she ran of Zayn and I ran after her.She was crying and I hate seeing girls cry.   Colleen POV I realized they were running after me so I went into a room.By this point I was crying I don't know why I mean Zayn was nice and everything but I was embarrassed.Now they would treat me different.I knew I shouldn't have come and got invovled with them.   Niall POV She went into a room and shut the door I could hear her crying so I went in.   "Hey Colleen are you ok? What's wrong?"   "No I'm not ok Zayn heard the whole thing and now he will act all weird,I came here to get a new start and now he knows about my past and I just can't do this Niall."   "Look we like you for you not Colleen who was depressed and had a bad childhood we like you because you are funny,love life,work hard,and laugh at everything.And between you and me I like that you eat as much as me."   "Wow Niall thanks I only spend a couple hours with you and well just wow."   "Look why don't we just tell the other boiys,no more secrets so we can get on with your normal life."   "How am I gonna tell them.."Hey guys so I just want you to know I use to cut myself and my father got killed by a crazy guy."   "No we can just be like.."Hey guys umm can we talk but promise me please no I'm sorry's or treating me different after this."And then tell the trust me they will be fine with it."   "Ok thanks Niall you don't know how much help you have been I can tell this will be the start of a long friendship."   "I hope I really like you."   "Oh Harry was right Nialler's got a crush."   "your just like Harry maybe I don't like you."   "Niall are you done I need to talk to Colleen so if your gonna flirt do it later."   "I am not flirting."   "Yes you are Mr.Horan."   "Ooh you got the last name now let me talk to her."   Zayn POV I felt bad I didn't purposly ease drop.It's sad that she went threw that becasue she didn't deserve it.But I would never treat her differently.Niall was right thought we like her because she is sweet,kind,funny and loves life.And it's kinda cute that my little Nialler's got a crush.But I just need to talk to Colleen I don't want her thinking I am the kind of person she can't trust.I want her to be able to trust all of us no matter what.Nobody should get treated like that especially at such a young age.As soon as Niall walked out of the room I stepped in and told him to let us talk for a little.And he agreed,     "Hey I think we need to talk about what I heard." "Yeah so do I like it's not that I don't trust you I mean I do I just wasn't ready for it." "I know it's you first day with us and here we are in Harry's bathroom on the floor with you crying." "Yeah I didn't think the first time I met you I would be in this situation." "Look you do know you can always trust me I am the one you want to come to for advice..I will not treat you differently because I know your past I still enjoy your company no amtter what and never forget that." "Ok thanks Zayn and I think we need to get back to the others they probably realize we are gone by now." "Yeah so are going to tell them?" "Yes as soon as I can,to get this weight off my shoulders." "Good and trust me they won't judge you." "I hope not."   Niall POV   Zayn and Colleen were talking for a while,I just hope Zayn convinced Colleen to tell the others.I know the boys and they want the truth.When I got back out the movie was  just ending,I hadn't realized we were gone that long.Nobody seemed to notice we were gone which was good.I really hope Colleen is ok because she shouldn't let her past affect her future.I liked her as I said she was funny,sweet,loves life,and is pleasant to be around.We need a girl around like that.I mean Dani and Eleanor are like always shopping or at work.Don't get me wrong they are so sweet and fun to be around I just don't think they really like goofing around.Well I should probably tell the  guys Colleen has something to say since she and Zayn are back.   Colleen POV Zayn and Niall are really sweet I already like it here with the boys.I feel like I fit in perfectly fo once in my life.And I think I like Niall I mean he is so cute and down to earth.But I should proably tell the rest of the boys about my past since the movie is over now.Here goes nothing. "Ok guys I have to admit something I wasn't completely honest about my past."
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