When Everything Changed

Colleen just moved from a small town in Maryland to Mullingar,Ireland to stay with her grand parents. Little did she know when her friend Danielle took her to meet her boyfriend Liam Payne from a famous band and his band mates how her life would change.


2. The Day that started it all

The car ride was short.When we arrived it was a pretty decent size house.Nothing like I expected.There were a couple cars outside.They were nice cars so probably Liam's band mates since they probably have money since there famous.I'm just guessing here.I wanted to meet people but i was nervous they would ask about my past and I wanted to keep that to myself and start new.I had this feeling if people knew my past the would be like oh I'm so sorry or you poor thing.And then treat me differently.And I did not want that I wanted to be normal for once. Liam interrupted my thoughts "well were here oh and Colleen my friend Niall wants to meet you." I wasn't really sure what to say was he trying to hook me up with his friend. "oh ok well what's he like I really want to meet new people and get new friends I mean Danielle is m only friend over here." Liam chuckled and then patted my leg and said "well me and 4 of my lads will be your best friends whether you like it or not."  Danielle has told me all about Liam and his friends and how fun and wild they were and always asked me to go meet them but I always kept in my mind they were famous and I just didn't need that drama in my life. I mena I saw how it affected Danielle first hand adn also her friend Eleanor who she said was dating the one who's name I think is Louis. Of course I wanted to make new friends but if I was friends with one direction I know I would get sucked into so much drama.And I already had enough with family drama.With moving,then legal situations.I was still in an unstable state ever since the accident. Well I wouldn't even call it an accident they knew what they were doing. But we can talk about my past later since I cant handle it now.I'm not even sure if I can handle a relationship at this time.Should I tell Liam, that so he doesn't get his friend excited and then I turn him down. Ugh my life sucks ,it's a screwed up mess thanks to my family and the government.Why can't I die now. If only I went threw with suicide.I need to forget this and move on to the future.Concentrate on school,dancing,and my dreams.Yes that's right I have dreams,dreams to become a journalist.One of the best ever.And here I go again getting lost in my thoughts, I need to go back to reality. We had gotten out of the car and were walking up the path.I was taking in the scenery.The were beautiful roses and flowers of all colors.The grass was so green that it couldn't be real.

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