When Everything Changed

Colleen just moved from a small town in Maryland to Mullingar,Ireland to stay with her grand parents. Little did she know when her friend Danielle took her to meet her boyfriend Liam Payne from a famous band and his band mates how her life would change.


3. Meeting

I walked in behind Danielle and Liam.The moment I stepped foot in the door I got crushed by 4 lads.I let out a screech and they all laughed and let go but the one in the stripped shirt squeezed harder.He finally let go after the curly haired one yanked him off me. They all introduced themselves.There was Zayn he was darker skinned and dark hair with the most gorgeous eyes I could stare at all day.He had a Bradford accent which is one of my favorite and he seemed shy. Then there was Louis he was loud but funny and always picked on the guys.He had a stripped shirt on and sweat pants. After him a cute blonde one introduced himself as Niall,he had the cutest Irish accent and pink cheeks.He was funny and his laugh was the most adorable thing ever. But then the curly haired one pushed him out of the way and chuckled"niallers got a crush." Which made me blush.So I found out the curly haired one is Harry he was very charming and flirting constantly,the only thing I couldn't stand was he stuttered. After we all met each other Louis yelled from the kitchen that lunch was done.Even though me and Danielle just ate I was still hungry.I always ate but never gained weight and I liked that. So I ran for the kitchen and so did Niall.We actually knocked Zayn down in the process. Over lunch I found out that Louis is from Doncaster and has 4 younger sisters and he is 20.Liam is from Wolverhampton,has 2 older sisters and is 18.Niall is from Mullingar,Ireland and has a older brother and is 18.Zayn is from Bradford just as I thought and has 3 sisters and is 19..And Harry is from Holmes Chapel,Cheshire is 17 almost 18 and has one older sister. Just as I thought,they wanted to know about me and my family.All I told them was that my father passed so me and my mom moved to Mullingar to stay with my grandparents.And I moved to Manchester to stay with my aunt and go to school.And they believed me. After we cleaned up our mess from lunch they wanted to watch a movie and I got to pick.Out of all the movies I had to choose from I picked Toy Story 3.And everyone of them laughed.I had no clue why untill harry explained to me that Liam cries every time. Before the movie started I sat on the couch and got comfortable.Then Niall came up and sat next to me and curled up to me which was a awkward moment but almost nice. So me and Niall had the one couch then Liam and Dani had the other couch,Harry and Louis had the futon,poor Zayn had the floor. I have never seen the movie before.About 10 minutes into it my stomach growled and Niall heard it.So me and him got up and went to the kitchen to eat.No one noticed we left.When we got in Niall made us sandwiches.I thanked him and we ate our food quietly.After we ate he asked me about my childhood and I trusted him so I told him the real story.

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