When Everything Changed

Colleen just moved from a small town in Maryland to Mullingar,Ireland to stay with her grand parents. Little did she know when her friend Danielle took her to meet her boyfriend Liam Payne from a famous band and his band mates how her life would change.


5. Day with the Boys

Louis gave me a weird look and said "What do you mean?" I looked over at Niall and he gave me a reassuring smile." Ok before I tell you don't say oh i'm so sorry or aww you poor thing.And most importantly don't treat me different got." Everyone nodded. And I began. My whole explanation was about 10 minutes long.And by the end they all were just looking at me.Harry was the one to breakl the ice. "Well you certainly can't tell this happened to you...I mean you dont show any depression."He said then gave a fake smile.Then Liam spoke up."look I sorta know how it feels to be lonely and not have anyone to trust or talk to,I was bullied as a kid so I understand a little bit." Liam was very sensible and certianly nice I see why Dani fancies him.After Liam said that it was the end of the conversation.I looked at the clock and saw it was 9pm. "Hey Danielle we should get going shouldn't we." I asked "No don't go." Harry whined "yeah your right I should get going I have class tomorrow but Colleen you can stay with the boys because you don't have class and get to know them." "Yeah Colleen please stay I want to get to know you more." Niall stated and I just laughed ugh that boy is so cute and he knows it. "okay fine I will stay but where will I sleep I mean there is not enough couches." "Well" Harry said loudly "We have a cabin outback we stay in and you can share a room or there is a couch." "ok fine with me but I need clothes." "umm you can probably borrow some of my sister's hold on." That was nice of Harry I just hope his sister has good style."Here you go and I also got you pillows and blankets." "thanks Harry." He was nice I mean I could have gone home and got my own clothes. "so what are we going to do now?" "we could watch a movie." Liam suggested.Then Zayn suggested they sing songs."Sorry Liam but can you guys sing songs since I have never heard you sing." They all nodded eagerly,I couldn't wait to hear them sing they must be good since they are pretty famous.So we spent about an hour singing they sung really good.Niall sung Stereo Hearts,Pay Phone, and the A-Team.Liam beatboxed.Zayn rapped adn sung I got a feeling.Louis did the msot beautiful cover of Valerie.While Harry did his audition song Isn't she Lovely I later found out."Wow guys that is so good." It really was."thanks now what should we we do I still have lots of energy?" I wasn't suprised Louis said that. "We could go swimming in the pool." Harry suggested. "That sounds fun but I don't have a bathing suit." "let me go gewt gemma's gosh Colleen your so needy." "I am not." I yelled back at harry.Everyone laughed.He got me a bathing suit and it was a strapless low sweet heart top and the bottoms were tie sides,the whole thing was a nice pink color.When I was done changing I walked out of the bathroom down the hallwayto the den area where the boys were.When I walked in they were on the couch talking. I walked around the couch."What you guys talking about?" As soon as they saw me there mouths dropped wide open."What is there something wrong wiht me or somethng in my teeth." "No you look amazing."Harry said. "Why thank you Harold." I smirked. "Let's go swimming." Louis yelled.Louis picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and ran for the pool.

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