When Everything Changed

Colleen just moved from a small town in Maryland to Mullingar,Ireland to stay with her grand parents. Little did she know when her friend Danielle took her to meet her boyfriend Liam Payne from a famous band and his band mates how her life would change.


1. A New Place

It's been a week since we moved to Ireland it's pretty peaceful here. I was so nervous to start school. I had been to Manchester,England before as my aunt lived there and i attended a dance camp every summer.My mother allowed me to go to a private school there and stay with my best friend Danielle in a dorm. Me and Danielle or as I like to call her Dani knew each other since we were 6. she was tall,really pretty, and had brown curly hair. Over the years we had kept in touch and become really close.Dani was as sweet as can be and would do anything for you.Me and her had the best times together. Once we did a road trip to Scotland and got lost. She even had a famous boyfriend Liam Payne. He was part of this band called one direction I think, they are really big over here.Dani and I attended a dance school called Joffery. We had finished class that day and went to lunch at this amazing place called Shlurp! like we always did.I got a skinny salad and roast ham wrap. While Dani got a smoothie and tuna wrap.We were just finishing our lunch when all this screaming started. I covered my ears but it didn't help. I look over at Dani and she is smiling and I had no idea how she could be smiling while I am sitting here going deaf. That girl can be pretty weird sometimes. I turned around and saw a boy about my age coming over. Dani quickly stood up and embraced him in a hug.I have seen pictures of him before on Danielle's dresser. He must be Liam. I have never met him before even though Dani invited me to go to lunch with them a couple times I didn't want to intrude.He was and attractive man so I see one reason Dani likes him.Danielle always tells me stories about him like how they met when he was on the X-Factor and she was a backup dancer. Finally the screaming went away I was so glad but I still had ringing in my ear. Liam and Danielle were talking while I was lost in my thoughts as I was often.When I came back to reality,Liam was sitting there giving Dani the look as to introduce me. "Colleen this is Liam,Liam this is my roommate Colleen." she said with her sweet smile she always had.Then Liam in his heavy but soft accent introduced himself "Hi I'm Liam,Danielle's boyfriend.I just came to see if Danielle wanted to come to Harry's but I guess I came at a bad time. I actually didn't that he came because I always wanted to meet the wonderful boy Dani always talks about."well as long as Colleen can come I'm fine with it" Danielle stated. "yeah she can in fact are you single." he asked with a smirk on his face. The thing is I never Had a boyfriend I got kinda annoyed when people asked me this so I kinda got an attitude with him. "yes I am why." he let out a little chuckle and Danielle shot him the nastiest look and i couldn't help but laugh." no reason well let's go guys."

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