Upside down

Why happens when your entire world is turned upside down? When all you have known your entire life turns out to be a lie? Well this is what happens when Karolinas parents die and she finds out she adopted and that her brother is none other than...
What will happen with Karolina when she spends some time with her brother and his friends and starts falling for one of them? Will she find love or will her past come back and bite her in the butt?


5. Who are you? Chapter 5

I walked over to the address I had. The house was just how I imagined my house would look like when I start a family, this was my dream home. It was a two story baby blue color, with a big back yard, a tree with a treehouse in it, a swing set and parked outside in the driveway where two black SUVs', a white Cadillac, and a black mustang with two red lines running down the middle.
I just stood outside for about ten minutes until I finally got the courage to go knock on the door. I knocked tree times and I heard movement inside as someone came to open the door.
In front of me stood a tall guy, around 19 or 20 years old, with black hair, and he had the same eyes I had, I looked at him and he seemed really familiar then I saw his hoody had his name, Zayn. He had changed his name from Zain to Zayn when he became part of One Direction, and then i relized... He was my brother... He looked at me like he recognized me and I heard him ask me "do I know you", but I wasn't paying attention to him, i was more interested in the women behind him, she had my eyes, my hair, my smile... Or should I say I have HER features, my mothers features. When she saw me her eyes widened and the last thing I heard befor I fainted was her calling my name, " Karolina"
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