Upside down

Why happens when your entire world is turned upside down? When all you have known your entire life turns out to be a lie? Well this is what happens when Karolinas parents die and she finds out she adopted and that her brother is none other than...
What will happen with Karolina when she spends some time with her brother and his friends and starts falling for one of them? Will she find love or will her past come back and bite her in the butt?


9. "Trishia?" chapter 9

We talked about a lot of things until he asked me to go back to the houses agreed and we slowly made out way back. When we got there he opened the door for me and I followed him into the living room where he introduced me to the boys.
The one with the curly brown hair and green eyes you could just stare at for hours was Harry. The one next to him with long dirt blond hair that almost got to his brown eyes was Louis. They both ran up to me and engulfed me in a bear hug. I felt like I was inside a really buff sandwich.
The really cute one with short dirty blond hair and brown eyes was Liam, he gave me a longer hug and when he let go I was disappointed and felt sad for some reason.
The last one to be introduced was Niall the one with blind hair and blue eyes, an that was becouse he had gone into the kitchen an gotten something to eat white Harry and Louis had me in their bear hug :) Niall gave me a hug and said it was a pleasure to meet me but his mouth was full of food that it sounded like "nissee twohe meet yogh" I just giggled
I Looked at Zayn and turned to the boys and whispered," do you know where I can Find Trisha?"
Liam told me she was upstairs and took me to her room. He left me outside her door, I slowly nocked and opened the door just a crack "Trisha?"
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