Upside down

Why happens when your entire world is turned upside down? When all you have known your entire life turns out to be a lie? Well this is what happens when Karolinas parents die and she finds out she adopted and that her brother is none other than...
What will happen with Karolina when she spends some time with her brother and his friends and starts falling for one of them? Will she find love or will her past come back and bite her in the butt?


7. Hi I'm Zayn chapter 7

Zaynes eyes widened when I said this an she softly began to weep. I just stared at him and out of the corned of my eye I saw the dirty blond short haired one with brown eyes clear everyone but Zayn, Trisha, and I out of the room. He obviously noticed that this was a private matter and awkward enough and if they stayed it would be even more awkward. I silently thanked him becouse I didn't know what would happen and for some strange reason I didn't want him to look at me like the poor girl that was adopted or given away or anything ele, I had no idea why...
I wa pulled out of my daze when I noticed Zayn staring at me I slowly stood up without saying a word and walked out. Why was I thing this wasn't my mother she might be the one that gave birth to me but she gave me away and my one and only mother would always be the one that was there at all my soccer games, my cheer competitions,whenever I was sick or when I got injured and her name was Lyndsay. She had passed away last month but she would never be replaced becouse I loved her with all my heart.
I reached a little park down the street an sat down on a bench with my head in my hands. I felt someone sit next to me but I though nothing of it and didn't bother looking up until he started talking, " Karolina? Are you okay? I would really like to talk to you." I looked up at me an just stared at those eyes, the same eyes I had.
***** flashback*****
I was 5 years old and started kindergarten. I saw how everyone in my class looked like their parents, while I looked nothing like mine. My mother had blond hair and blue eyes and my father had black hair with black eyes. One day I asked them why I didn't look like them and they just said that I looked like my mothers sister who had passed away when she was young. I never questioned them again and never doubted that I wasn't their daughter

~~~~ back to the park bench with Zayn~~~~~
"uhmmm...hi I'm Zayn"
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