Upside down

Why happens when your entire world is turned upside down? When all you have known your entire life turns out to be a lie? Well this is what happens when Karolinas parents die and she finds out she adopted and that her brother is none other than...
What will happen with Karolina when she spends some time with her brother and his friends and starts falling for one of them? Will she find love or will her past come back and bite her in the butt?


11. Feelings? Chapter 11

***1 month later***
Trisha and I have gotten to now each other very well. I had decided to temporarily reside in the Yorkshire house my parents had left me. Zayn had left with the boys go go on their tour a couple of days after I arrived so I had not really spent much time getting to know him. Although the few days I had with Zayn and all the boys made me realize that they are nothing like the magazines made them seem, they are real gentlemen...most of the time. But what do I know I barely know them at all. Maybe they were being good while I was here. What I do know is the few short days I spent with them Liam seemed to be avoiding me or ignoring me, I wonder what I did wrong , I know I had just met him but sense the day they left I couldn't stop thinking about Liam. There was something about him that draws me to him. Every night I fall asleep with a smile on my face...could I be.. No I can't be I don't even know him besides after what happened last time I promised myself to NEVER fall in love again.

It was around 8 pm and I was just getting ready to watch a movie when my phone went off

"I've tried playing it cool (i've tried playing it cool Girl, when I'm looking at you Girl,) when I'm looking at you I can't ever be brave (I can't ever be brave )'Cause you make my heart race ('Cause you make my heart race)
Shot me out of the sky Shot me out of the sky) You're my kryptonite (You're my kryptonite) you keep me making me weak (You keep me making me weak) Yeah, frozen and can't breathe (Yeah, frozen and can't breathe)"

"Zayn" I mumbles while looking for it, I finally spotted it on the kitchen table and flung myself to answer it before he hung up. thankfully I picked up just in time

me- "Hello"
Phone-" hey Karolina..?"
Me-" that you?"
Niall-"aww how'd you now it was meeee?
Me-"haha your the only person with an Irish accent that would ever call me from Zayns phone" why are you calling me from Zayn's phone?"
Niall- "thought you knew me because you love me so much...more than you love the other boys because I'm you favorite but I guess I was wrong....goodbye I wave to go cry now..."
Me" Niall!!! Haha you drama queen. I'm sorry I do love you
Niall-"more than the other boys...? Say it!"
Me- "okay Niall I love you more than I love the other boys.
Niall- "I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!"
That's when I herd a chorus of ; that's not fair, I thought you loved me, among other comments
Me- "NIALL JAMES HORAN!!! Did you set me up to say that so the boys could hear? Haha so I guess I'm on speaker so once again I ask why are you calling me from Zayns phone?"
The boys-" well hi Karolina how are you we are fine thank you very much."
Niall-" well she does love me more and uhm well we wanted to ask tu something..."

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