Upside down

Why happens when your entire world is turned upside down? When all you have known your entire life turns out to be a lie? Well this is what happens when Karolinas parents die and she finds out she adopted and that her brother is none other than...
What will happen with Karolina when she spends some time with her brother and his friends and starts falling for one of them? Will she find love or will her past come back and bite her in the butt?


8. A brother? Chapter 8

It's been a week sense my first encounter with Zayn and Trisha. Zayn and I really connected instantly that day in the park. I tol him of my love or sports and music. He told me abut the boys and being in the band. Then he mentioned our 'mum' and he told me how he was 2 when I was born but he somehow always remembered me. He remembered a baby girl that looked like him being taken away. He told me how it had been growing up, how he didn't really have many close friends becouse he lived so far out of town and didn't get to see them out of school much. I told him how I was homeschooled until I begged my parents to let me go to school when high school started but buy then everyone knew each other and they already had their groups they would hang out with and that I had no one to talk to or share all my secrets with and how I always wanted a brother who would protect me.and who would always be there for me.
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