If You get to me in time

Love story!


2. Sing To me

Zayns Pov: 
"hey" I said to Elissa "Hi" she replied back shyly. "Her favorite song is Gotta Be You." she says looking over at Harry. "Thank you." Niall says. We hug her then walk over to the nurse who says we are allowed to go in. She is laying there get head is wrapped in bandages. We all stand around her bed. I look over at Harry. We all decide to sing together. "Girl I see it in your eyes you’re disappointed
‘Cause I’m the foolish one that you anointed with your heart I tore it apart And girl what a mess I made upon your innocence And no woman in the world deserves this But here I am asking you for one more chance" I'm staring at her closed eyes. When all of a sudden her right I slowly opens. 

Marys pov: 

All of a sudden I hear 4 British boys and 1 Irish boy singing. They sound familiar. My right eye slowly flutters open and all I can see is a figure with sorta black hair or maybe it's dark brown hair. Next to him I see a blonde boy, then three boys next to him with brown hair. I cant make out there faces yet. All of a sudden the nurse comes in and rushes the boys out of the room. My left eye then flutters open an I see the nurse standing in front of me. "Mary..." she says. I don't reply. "Mary how old are you?" she askes. "15." I reply back sort of fast. "When is your birthday?" I think for a second "March 23rd 1998." I say to the nurse. "Who's your favorite boy band?" she asks me. That one was obvious to me "One Direction!" I reply. The nurse then asks me "Name all the band members?" she says sort of demanding. "Well there's Harry who has curly hair and green eyes he's the youngest, then there's Liam he's so sweet ahaha and his girlfriend Danielle is amazing, then there's Zayn who is my favorite he loves to draw and he has a bunch of tattoos including a ying yang sign, his grandfathers name in Arabic, two fingers crossed and a microphone. Then there's Niall who's are special little snow flake he is the only one in the band who's left hand, blonde, and from Ireland he also had braces. And.... Wait why do I have to tell you this?" I say the nurse looks at me confused. "Who's the last guy?" she asks. "Louis he's so funny and loves stripes and girls who like carrots!!! Haha you wouldn't get it!" I say "oh and he has a girlfriend Eleanor I think they should just get married they are just to cute together!!! I mean I love them all I just wish I could get them to notice me though they notice all there other fans but me it's like I'm invisible. I just want them to notice me i dont care if the date me or ever talk to me cause I mean that's just a long shot but hey a girl can dream." I say.

Zayns Pov:

We are all standing by the door and I can hear Mary tell the nurse that she loves One Direction. When she starts to describe us we listen closely. She doesn't say much about Harry or Liam just that she loves Liam's girlfriend and he blushes when she says that. When she gets to me I hear her say I'm her favorite and how she tells the nurse about my tattoos and I see her pointing to where each on is. I start to blush. Louis pokes my cheek "Awww poor Zayn!!!" he says giggling. When she gets to Niall and says how he's special he smiles. Then she takes a quick break and talks about Louis and his love for girls who like carrots. I look at Louis and he say "Carrots!!!!" In a whisper tone. We all start to giggle. Then she talks about how she thinks shes invisible to us and how she doesn't want a date or to talk to us just for us to follow her and how she can always dream about us dating her. I laugh to my self. I then see the nurse come out. "I'm going to let her mom and her friend in first then you guys but it seems that she remembers you guys very well!!" the nurse says. We all walk back to the waiting room I stop her mom and her friend real quick. "Can you not tell her we are here?" I ask "Sure." they say as they walk back to the room.
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