If You get to me in time

Love story!


1. Is it really you?

"Who are you texting now!" My sister Lizzy says as she passes my room. "I'm tweeting Liam he just got on!" I say as she slams her door shut. I then start to scream '@Real_Liam_Payne is now following you.' my phone said. The next thing I know I'm laying in a white room and I hear people singing 4 of the voices are British and one is Irish. I just listen for a while I'm not completely sure what happened but my head is killing me. 
My moms Pov:
"Ahhhhh!!!" I hear Mary scream from her bedroom. All of a sudden I hear a boom coming from her room. I rush back there and she was crying and laying on her floor. "What happened?" I say. She manages to say "I fell an hit my head." I then run and call 911. They hurray to my house and get Mary when we get to Kishwalkee Hospital they put her in a medically induced coma. A week goes by and the swelling in her brain is all the way back to normal. They take her out of the coma now all she has to do is wake up. Shes lying there with her eyes shut. That's when One Direction comes in "Hello Mrs. Franzen!" one of the boys say. "We are One Direction." another says. "My daughters a huge fan!" I manage to say. They all laugh "We know." The blonde one says. Mary's story was all over Facebook and the News! "May we go in and see her?" The one with sorta black hair says. I remember him from photos Mary showed me. "Yeah your her favorite." I say. He laughs and sort of blushes. "Do you know her favorite song?" One says. I look over at Elissa who is sitting on the other side of the waiting room about to jump out of her seat. "Why don't you ask her she's like her best friend and she knows more about you and Mary then I do." I say. Elissa stands up and walks over to the boys. 
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