Her song makes me stay up all night.

Meet the Song family from Seattle Washington. Addi and Rush Song, twin brother and sister just lived a totally normal life, untill their moms long lost sister comes knocking at their door. Who knew her sister was Zayn Malik's mom? Read on as you go through the twins journey, as their life collides with Zayns crazy life.


2. Whoa whoa what?!

I parked in the drive way of my house and got out of my car to see my mom standing in the front yard with some people. I raised an eyebrow and approached my mom who just sighed. 
"Hey mom? What's going on, who are these people?" I asked. 
"Addi honey. There is someone I want you to meet." she pulled someone from the group of people and made him stand beside her. 
Once again I raised an eyebrow, then crossed my arms and sighed. 
"Mom please tell me you're not trying to set me up with one of your clients sons again?" I whined. But just then I checked the guy out and smiled and slid next to him and said: "Unless your down with it." I twitched my eyebrows jokingly and he just gave me this weird look then chuckled a bit and looked up at my mom who giggled a bit too. 
"What? What did I miss?" 
"Honey no. This isnt one of those situations. I need to tell you someth.." 
"Wait you look familiar have I met you before?" I interrupted. 
"Addi! Shutup a second! Goodness. Anyway. Umm. I would like you to meet Zayn Malik..." 
"Oh yeah!! That's who you are! You're in One Direction!! What the frappè are you doing at my house?!" I freaked a bit, then I looked at my mom who looked like she wanted to kill me. 
"Carry on." 
"Thank you! Ugh. Where was i? Oh. Umm this is Zayn Malik. He's your um... Cousin." She looked down then at Zayn who just kind of stood there. 
I raised both eyebrows this time, and my jaw dropped, then my gum fell out with a bit of drool, and me having to mop it up with my hand and looking like a fool. 
"Wow.  Is this yank Addi's chain day? I'm I on punk'd right now? Ok Kutcher! You can come out now! Or is it Bieber that took over that show?" 
"Yeah, it's Bieber." Zayn cut in. 
"Mm thank you! Wait mom. He's British. Are you sure hes related to me and you're not trying to hook us up?" I blurted. 
"Oh my goodness. I can tell this is going to be a long day." She sighed. 
"Yeah no kidding mom. Not to mention you still have to introduce me to the rest of these people. Are they apart of the punk'd crew too?" 
My mom thumped my head, and dragged my ear to meet the rest of her family. 
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