Her song makes me stay up all night.

Meet the Song family from Seattle Washington. Addi and Rush Song, twin brother and sister just lived a totally normal life, untill their moms long lost sister comes knocking at their door. Who knew her sister was Zayn Malik's mom? Read on as you go through the twins journey, as their life collides with Zayns crazy life.


8. When the smoke clears.

I Began to stomp up the stairs to go clean the pie of myself when I noticed that there was louder footsteps behind me. I turned around to see Rush, stomping up the trail that I left.
I stopped then he bumped into me. 
"Whoa sorry sis." He said, brushing me off then realized I was covered in pie then looked at his hands in discust. 
"What do you want dude." I huffed. 
"What? Can't a twin brother talk to his twin sister?" He asked with puppy dog eyes. 
"Listen thing 2, if you want to yell at me for all the "foreign affairs" that happened back there, I really don't want to hear it." I exclaimed as I began to head back up the stairs. 
"Look thing... Wait how am I thing 2? I'm the oldest!" 
I pause and once again turn around to look back at Rush. 
"Who cares? Fine thing 1. Happy? Can you please leave now?" 
He sighed. 
"Addi please. Hear me out! I'm trying to protect you. You've known these guys for 3 hours and you're already caught in a love triangle. I just want you to be careful with what you do. We don't want another Devin incident do we?" Rush noted. 
I rolled my eyes. 
"Never again." I whispered under my breath.
"That's what I thought! And you might want to wash up outside, you're  tracking pie all over moms carpet." 
I huffed in annoyance and headed out to the backyard.
"Hose is in the front yard!" Rush yelled from the second floor. 
I looked up at him, sarcastically smiled and headed toward the front yard. 
I opened the door and got a huge whiff of an over powering oder. I began to cough, while holding my nose, and look for the source of the smell. 
I look to the left and found Zayn smoking. My eyes widened. 
"What the hale!" I shouted as I took the nicotine tube out of his hand. 
"Hey! That was my last one!" Zayn exclaimed as he was reaching for his cigarette. 
"Oh what this?" I asked as I was pretending like I was going to give it to him then  I slammed the smoke puffing pipe on the ground and smooshed it into the soil. 
Zayn gasped. "My cigarette!" 
I gave him a look and sat him down. 
"You have got to be kidding me. Zayn! That crap can kill you. Slowly but surely. I mean seriously, what the hale are you thinking!? You are putting your life, and your career in jeopardy. I don't think in three years from now you want to be sounding like an old man hanging upside down on the monkey bars do you?" 
Zayn just chuckled a bit. 
"I'm serious! You need to stop. The sooner you quit, the better you will be. Trust me. So, please stop. For your friends, your family, and most importantly your fans." 
"I know. I want to stop, but I just can't! It's too hard." Zayn sighed. 
"Hey hey. That's cray cray talk! Nothing is to hard for you! Come on! You're Zayn Henerietta Malik for Petas' sake! You got in the x-factor, you survived dancing, you're in the most popular boy bands in the world, you got a smoking hot girlfriend! Nothing is to hard for you!" I smiled as I patted his head. 
He looked back at me and exchanged the grin. 
"Yeah. I guess you're right. And did you just say Perrie is smoking hot? I thought you told me to stay away from smoke? " 
I laughed. 
"Very funny! You knew what I was talking about. And sorry, I hang out with guys way to much. But don't worry about it, we'll  all help you through this ok? I love you and care about you man."  
His laugh slowly started to cut off as his head slowly started bowing. I could tell he didn't want me to know he was crying. I got up and stretched my arms out and wiggled my fingers for him to come into my arms. 
He looked at me and let out a chuckle. 
"You're covered in pie!" 
I laughed. 
"Hey! You smell like smoke but I didn't say anything." 
He shrugged his shoulders and came into the hug. 
After a few seconds he backed up, and I wiped his tears away. 
"Si se puede." I whispered. 
He just looked at me in confusion. 
"It means "Yes I can". 
He smiled. 
"Thanks Addi." He replied, sniffling. 
"Ehh. No problem boo. Now eh. Less go. I need to go tell pappi that we don't need anymore cartons." I said in a fake mexican accent. 
Zayn just laughed.
"What would I do without the twin covered in pie?" 
I gasped. 
"Crap! I keep forgetting about that! To the hose!" I shouted. 
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