Her song makes me stay up all night.

Meet the Song family from Seattle Washington. Addi and Rush Song, twin brother and sister just lived a totally normal life, untill their moms long lost sister comes knocking at their door. Who knew her sister was Zayn Malik's mom? Read on as you go through the twins journey, as their life collides with Zayns crazy life.


7. UFC with Niall

We all sat around the table, all eating like starving children in Africa, and believe me that wasn't an exaggeratation. 
We all we munching around, and I saw  the guys stare at me. 
"What?" I asked with a mouth full of rib. 
"Are you sure you're a girl?" Zayn asked. 
"Ok, just because I eat like a pig, doesn't mean I am one ight?" I replied, wiping sauce from my face. 
"You should see her room." Rush added. 
"Or live like one!!" I shouted 
Rush raised his eyebrow. 
"Ok fine! Whatever." I sighed. 
I continued to eat, then Zayn had a proposition.
"I bet that you can't eat as much as Niall here." 
Niall and I looked up in confusion. 
"Why? Does he eat a lot?" 
All the One Direction boys chuckled. 
"Alot? He could eat out all of a buffet if he wanted to." Louis exclaimed, as the rest of the boys knodded their heads. 
I just smirked at Niall and shouted : "Bring it on Irish boy." 
He just smiled at me. 
"I hope you know what you're doing." 
"I should say the samething." I sassed 
"Bring it on." He replied. 
I just smirked at him. 
All the boys gathered up piles of food and set it in front of Niall and I. 
Liam explained the rules. Whoever finishes the pile of food first, wins. 
We were ready to compete till Rush mentioned that we needed an announcer. 
"Niall does the announcer thing the best." Louis mentioned. 
"Yeah but he's a contestant." Zayn said. 
"Hey Niall just do the thing." Harry demanded. 
"Ugh fine. Just so you can shutup and we can get started." Niall sighed and he began in his announcer voice. 
"This is our tale of the tale. Two people coming together to compete for the Ultamate Food Challange! First up from Mullingar Ireland, Niall Horan!" He gets up after introducing himself and waves and flexes his muscles to the crowd, and all the guys cheer and whistle, then he shyly waves them off and sits back down. 
"On this corner we have Addi Song from... Where are you from?" 
I roll my eyes. "Mexico." 
Niall looked shocked. 
Once again I rolled my eyes. "We were on vacation and me and Rush weren't suppost to be born for another two weeks but we were unexpectedly born early, ok can we get back to the games?!" I harshly explained. 
All the boys "Oooo"ed. 
"Fine! Let's begin." 
We both started scarfing down loads of food as the boys started shouting back and forth between mine and Nialls name as well as Niall and I trying to cut down each other. 
After about 10 minutes of stuffing our faces, Niall got up and shouted : "I wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!!!" 
I looked up and my jaw dropped as well as some food from my mouth. 
Everyone looked at me in disgust, then looked at Niall, and saw that all his food was gone. Liam went up to him and raised his arm and all the guys cheered. 
I thought to myself "Nah, I'm not going to admit defeat yet." 
I got up and shouted: "Niall Horan cheated!" 
The boys gasped. 
"No! Not the Irish boy!" Louis said putting his hand over his mouth. 
"Oh really?" I reached into Nialls pockets and found ding-dongs as well as some packets of candy in his pockets. 
"Ha!" I sang with a huge smile on my face. 
"Please, that's for later." Niall folded his arms. 
"I doubt it, it's not melty. If you were saving it for later, it would feel like goop. It feels like its been in room tempurature for quite sometime. You loose, Niall Horan." I slam the teats down on the table, as Nialls jaw droppes and all the boys follow his action. They look over at Rush who just shrugges. 
"Momma didn't raise no fool." 
"You're right." Niall begins. 
"Sorry Addi." He puts his hand on my back, and begins to pick something up with his other. 
I took a glance to see what it was and then... 
"NIALL!!" I scram. 
He just died laughing. He just pied me in the face! 
"Come here! I want to give you some coconut cream pie love!" I approached him with open arms and hand fulls of pie in my hands. 
"No Addi get away!" he starts to back up and run away. 
I begin to chase him untill I slip on the left over pie that was on the ground and my body smacks down hard on the floor. Niall looks back and sees me on the floor and runs back. 
"Addi, Addi. Are you ok?" His gentle Irish accent rang. 
"Umm yeah I just think..." I grab a hand full of pie and shove in his face and laugh. Niall then grabs some and put some in my hair. 
We just started laughing and lay on the floor. 
"You look like the imbobitable snowman!!" I blurred out. 
"Oh yeah! Well you look like a Yeti!" he shouted. 
I giggled a bit. "Arnt those basically the samething?" 
He thought for a bit. 
"Maybe, but I bet one is prettier then the other." 
I raised my eyebrow. 
"Wow that's so lame." 
"Maybe. Maybe not." 
"Nah it is." I replied still laughing. 
He put his head down. 
"Aww. It's ok. At least the pie is..." I paused. 
"Magically delicious!" I said like the Lucky charms leperaucan. 
He slightly looks up at me and smiles. 
"Ha! I got you to smile!" I giggled
"I'm glad you're the reason." He started to lean in. 
"Need I remind you that we're covered in pie?" I whispered. 
He sighed as he got up, then helped me then I looked back at Harry who had his head down. 
"Ugh, whats going on with me and foreign boys today!" I thought then facepalmed.
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